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  Too ticklish for the UFC

⛈Cold chillin' ⛈


📷 @oceanicramsey its just one of those things that despite how great, photos can't do justice

Swimming with sharks was an incredible experience, thank you to my new friends @oceanicramsey + @juansharks for opening my eyes to how we coexist with these misunderstood animals. Thank you to @xcellance for setting this up and helping me drink enough to agree to go with. Juan and Ocean's research is helping put to rest the Hollywood myth of sharks and ultimately redefine how we interact with sharks as a whole. I encourage you to see what they have to say. 🦈 #savesharks #oneocean

🔛🔥 today at the volcom pipe pro
thanks to @volcomsurf and @rich_landos for the hospitality!

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Come on now #nofeelter #morninboys

#preach little pizza hungry bear-mice

peanut turns one

Hang loose mother goose #political

It's no Mexico, but still... #tequila