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  Too ticklish for the UFC

We love being able to enjoy the fair every summer, great times with great people! #chemtrails #staywoke #flatearth

Happy Independence Day friends!

I had a great time shooting with friends yesterday @lscribbs @dale_bob @louiebanksonem @lindsay_joyce

Quite quiet

Happy 4 years of dealing with my dumb ass, you make me happy @allievierge

Cool life jacket Allie #canoeing #nature #lakecrescent

Lake sliding, no traffic

Lake Crescent, WA #lakecrescent

Popcorn playa' #blessed #dudeneedsabra

Nate and Christine, you guys rule. Thank you for letting us share in your wedding celebration, I'm so thankful for yew🤙🏿 Allie your the best wedding date ever, and I like that 🥇🔐 ...and I'm sorry I can't take a nice picture

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