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Stop it Creators!
You are limiting your growth and potential every time you do this.
I am the first to say that I do it daily.
It is easy to create a patter that is self sabotaging your business and growth
You have plans. Big plans. You just need to hit that one milestone and then you will be ready.
Maybe it is a certain number of email subscribers.
Maybe a milestone for group members.
Or worse, maybe it is a learning milestone like completing a course or program before getting started on your launch.
Then when you hit that milestone the bar moves.
You convince yourself that you just need a few hundred more members or a few more months.
The bar will always move if you let it.
The excuses will flow freely.
The more you do it the more your brain will start doing it subconsciously for you.
Cut the crap. You are ready. If not, you will learn as you go.
Stop limiting growth out of fear.
Someone has always done more, seen more, or knows more.
Just be steadfast in your reason why and it doesn't matter how much you know.
Jon Schumacher said t best this week.
Focus on teaching those that you are just ahead of.
His analogy of using a book is spot on. You just need to be a chapter or two ahead of someone to teach them something of value.
In fact, it is better because you can relate to them easier.
You won't fall victim to the "curse of knowledge" where you can't unlearn something. (That is a post for another day). So get off your butt and create!

Shoutout to those that I see creating daily:
Merideth Bisiker kicking ass with a new business coach.
Tania Dakka and Danielle Magestro-Musgrove are putting it out daily.
Scott Oldford is so crazy on fire that I have to make a special trip to see him in person.
Jaime Slutzky got her summit product together and is killing it.
Matthew Turner is making things happen and scratching up in his dealings with the big dogs.
Shari D Teigman took a big step forward in the authenticity department.
Excited to see the output from:
Rebecca Gould, Kirsten Kiki Oliphant (new momma and entrepreneur ass kicker), Catalyst John who is getting clear.
Let's kick 2017 in high gear.
Tag those who n

Hey Creators,

Your brain is an amazing tool. It is so in tune with what you want that there are subconscious hacks you can use to enhance your brain and performance.
Here are a few of my favorite brain hacks to maximize productivity in online business.

1. Neurons that fire together, wire together:

If you want to maximize a behavior, couple it with a reward.

You do this with dogs, but did you know that it works the same way in your brain. Did you a trick and get a treat.

If you do these things enough times the neuron synapses in your brain will fire together and eventually become so strong that you won't need the reward to trick your brain to desire the behavior.

So if you want to sit down and work at night on your business, let that be the time you have a reward. Try to avoid sugar, but perhaps your favorite tea or light healthy snack.
2. Doorways are your key to mental block:

Did you know that when you walk trough a doorway your subconscious mind actually wipes the slate clean. It is a strange phenomenon where the mind compartmentalizes things.
You can use this to your advantage when you get writers block or get stuck. Take a walk to a few different rooms and then come back.
You may have a fresh perspective.
3. Inspiration on demand. Jumpstart your brain

Have you ever listened to a podcast and become inspired? Most people use this passively. They listen while running or doing something where they can work while doing it.
I like to use this intentionally right before working. If I want to write about a topic I will listen to a podcast about a similar topic. It quickly sparks my brain to tune into the right ideas.
It only takes a minute or two to jumpstart your brain.
4. Creativity inspires creativity.
Similar to the above, if you want to expand creativity you just need to take some in. This could be visiting an art museum or watching some online video. Whatever the task it can be creatively expanded by consuming some other creative content.
It doesn't even need to be related. In fact, the more unrelated the better.
5. Music to entrance
To get pumped before a speaking engagement I like to listen to music. Music tr

This guy is awesome. The blend of tech and Livestream and hosting and just awesome sauce is @isocialfanz I am so glad I got to connect with you Brian. Looking forward to staying connected and swapping stories.
Huge thanks to @suebzimmerman for bring us all together.

Learning at ton at #Inbound16 with @kristihines

Thank you to all the well wishes for my birthday.

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