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Kayla Viola  (Puyallup/Quinault) self-expression, freedom, integration. Bodyworker. Undercover Otaku. Hoarder of Blastoises. YT. San Diego ✈️SF/Sac🌊☀️

Found this on the beach today! Buster tried to pee on it 🤣

Don't talk to me or my son ever again


I hesitate to call myself a youtuber sometimes but I carry this shit around lmao

Great gramma Viola <3 I only wish I was able to get to experience directly who she really was as a person but I was so little and she grew quiet. I still have my grandma and mother who are all a part of who I am and who she is and my grandma's before them. Honor your ancestors and elders. They are your direct link to understanding effects of their causes which is to understand your life's experience.

Photogenic siblings 💖

Disneyland finally with @vnsbloo! 🤗

My view today🙌🏼

I cannot tell you how doofy happy this makes me just to look at this stupid face <3 yes, this is a 3DS case! From @fleacircusdesigns She does custom orders! But if you want to order, do it now cause based on her shop info, she's going on a 6-month vacation super soon where she won't be taking custom orders. happy belated #PokemonDay #pokemon #wooper #BeLikeWooper

Happy pokemon day! #PokemonDay

The come-up 🙌🏼😂 @Rhymestyle

Package from @gameteeuk just arrived! I had to try these nerd candles out when I heard about them from @noodlerella and HOLY MOLY THEY SMELL AMAZING😍 my favorites are poffin bakery, grass type, and gingerbread latte, but they're all amazing for different moods!
#gametee #soycandles #otaku #pokemon

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