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Kayla Viola  (Puyallup/Quinault) #PositivePuyallups I explore the unseen. Magic: School of Life. YT. Indiginerd San Diego ✈️SF/Sac/Tacoma🌊☀️


Carried away mashing oils together. This is Isidar Mithrim, the Star Sapphire from Christopher Paolini's Eragon coloring book. Who needs lines, am I right? Out of the black, into the blue.

For the past few weeks, I have been unable to fall asleep until hours after laying my head down, getting a few hours of sleep and waking up at 11. The falling asleep process has been fiery to say the least. The "fire" in my heart has made it a challenge, anxiety and strange thoughts abound. Last night was the first night in weeks that I was able to get calm, restful sleep at the hour I wanted to! The secret? Drinking a shot of pure aloe vera juice. This stuff is amazing if you are feeling fiery and need calming. It works immediately for me. Had to share this as I am in awe. Thanks to Maya KahNah for the recommendation. ❤️

My favorite breakfast currently ❤️ this place has my favorite gluten free bread. It's soo good 👌🏼 @loftycoffeeco

Stay strong. And soft. Remember Joy is your foundation.
Remain strong and eagle-eyed, and yet allow your surroundings to inspire you. If you struggle to stay steady, tap into the you that knows exactly what to do, and remember you are joy. All of these aspects are special and part of a balance. Do not get so hard that you stop feeling the world around you, and do not get so soft that you melt and disappear. We need the creativity that comes from softness. And we need the watchful eyes of those looking out for us. These aspects are within us all, but can also be seen standing out in our communities. Can you spot these people in your communities and honor how important and special they are to you and your people or family? Everyone has a role.
This has been Insights with Kayla Viola, have a nice night lol #balance #community #wildunknown #PositivePuyallups

This is the single most ridiculous thing I've ever bought, and I have no regrets. It's my favorite Youtuber's dog Rosie's face on a tatortot. #taytortot #looktay @taytay_xx @tshop.official I think I'm the first to get the merch in the mail?

Like mother like son

I sits on it so it's my macaron.

Life showed me today both the lock and the key, and told me to set myself free. So with sand in my ass, I did exactly that. I swam in the deep blue and danced my booty off in the shower. Life showed me that HOME is me and always will be, and I can't lose that. I am of the mother, Earth. Everywhere I go is home. The only place I need to be and the only place I need to explore deeper is me, in the many forms my home and heart takes. Wherever there are pieces of my heart is where I'm called and that is all I need to follow. I left them there as breadcrumbs on purpose, and the parts I didn't leave on purpose, I can call back to me any time.

Damn, I ... don't know what to say. Professor Layton is bae. Pin by @marika_tea

Renewal and fullness. 👌🏼 mint chip smoothie, old school Tamaki Nami jpop, and full moon journaling by the ocean. I need a LOT of Nature currently, so I can be and do my best.

That, my friends, is a maxed-out 100% IV Tyranitar. And I literally had JUST enough stardust to do it. #pgo

I cannot tell you how grateful I am this morning. To be up and energized, to WANT to do things today and be able to do them physically. The past few days since Saturday night/Sunday morning have been out of commission for me. They have been days of recovery from heat exhaustion/possibly heat stroke (caught early). Today is the first day since where I'm really feeling up to life-ing. I didn't end up in the hospital, I was able to get good advice from a doctor fast enough to take appropriate action, and I recovered on my own. It may seem like not a big deal and I'm grateful for that, however even a little illness like that can shock you awake enough that things look a little differently when you come-to. There are perfect lessons to be learned in every experience.

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