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Throwback to meeting the beautiful @camimendes at the @cfda awards ❤️ it was great seeing her again😊 #camilamendes #riverdale #veronicalodge

First of many/infinite sisterhood ❤️ #firsttattoo

I wish more people could be like @tatianamaslany and @tomcullen. They have the sophistication, talent and generosity that everyone should uphold in not only the entertainment industry but also in just everyday life. Tatiana is just amazing. It's unfortunate that no one else is like her but that's okay- is unique and she's the only one of her kind 💁🏽 Tom is a gentleman, super talented and he has worked amongst some elite actors in his career. They are, if not, the nicest couple I ever met. And I finally got my ticket stub from their movie “The Other Half” signed by the both of them. Thank you so much Tatiana and Tom for everything that you do. And thank you so much again @ipekkomurcu for the beautiful artwork that you have illustrated ☺️ congrats @tatianamaslany on a successful opening of “Mary Page Marlowe”. And congratulations on your Emmy nomination for @orphanblacktv!!! 😁 💙🌟 #tatianamaslany #tomcullen #openingnight #theotherhalf #orphanblack #artwork #fanart #downtonabbey #knightfall #gunpowder

Well this makes up for a boring Sunday! Just now, I randomly saw the gorgeous @milesmcmillan and @zacharyquinto walking their dog Rocko 😁🐕 #milesmcmillan #zacharyquinto #startrek #spock #24 #heroes #model #gay #ahs #americanhorrorstory

@amandlastenberg is the sweetest. Super friendly, talented and passionate about her art and equality amongst everyone. I spent about minutes talking with her; telling her how I am glad to see she’s still working and all the projects she starred in were great. She’s grown so much since the Hunger Games and she’ll continue to grow and expand and explore her gifts to new horizons. It was great meeting you Amandla 💚🌸 #amandlastenberg #everythingeverything #thehungergames #rue #thedarkestminds #sleepyhollow #rio2 #colombiana

Meeting @nevecampbell was a dream come true for me. She is one of my all time favorite actresses and she was on my bucket lists of celebs to meet. She is so great and been in so many iconic films. Can’t wait to see @skyscrapermovie this weekend! Thanks Neve you’re amazing 😘 #nevecampbell #thecraft #scream #screamqueen #skyscraper #sidneyprescott #scream2 #scream3 #scream4 #wildthings #wcw #partyoffive

@ipekkomurcu I seriously don’t know what I did to receive this amazing birthday gift but I couldn’t be more blessed and thankful we crossed paths via the internet. My friend Ipek drew the selfie that I took with @tatianamaslany when I met her last year in the wintertime😱😩💝 I totally wasn’t expecting this at all and I literally CRIED my eyes out. I can’t believe you drew this for me. It’s like you know who all of my favorite actors are and you don’t even have to ask. Even though you’re located in Istanbul, Turkey, I feel as though you’re right here in NYC in spirit🤗From the bottom of my heart, thank you so so much ❤️🎉🎁 I can’t wait to frame this!☺️😍 #thankyou #tatianamaslany #orphanblack #sarahmanning #helena #jessicachastain #crimsonpeak #fanart #art #artist **Also check out these accounts and their amazing artwork: @melissarenaeart @monroeidiot 👐🏼👌🏾🎨😊

I’m so proud of Krysten Ritter! Getting the opportunity to direct on a show that you star in must be a dream come for any actor. Jessica Jones is my favorite Netflix (Marvel) show; and she is the direct opposite of her character. Krysten is a sweetheart and so caring about her fans. She’s the best! Thank you @therealkrystenritter! It was so great watching you in action behind the scenes ☺️ #krystenritter #jessicajones #marvel #netflix #breakingbad #thedefenders #veronicamars #theblacklist #nyc

Met my one and done! I’m shocked he stopped. Everyone that I know knows how bad he is about stopping for fan pictures. Glad he was in a good mood! #theojames #divergent #insurgent #underworldbloodwars #allegiant #downtonabbey

Today, I celebrate my 23rd birthday, more determined than keep pretending that I am 18 years old 😂. On a serious note, I thank everyone for the birthday comments, gifts and words of encouragement ❤️ This year, I strive to be a better individual and give more. So many things I want to accomplish and hopefully I’ll reach (all of) my goals. My ONE wish as a 23rd year old is for the happiness, health and well being of my lovely mother. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her (literally) but also I wouldn’t be the woman that I have grown up to be 😇. Please keep my Mom in your prayers-she is having a procedure tomorrow. That is my one wish-for her to be alright after tomorrow. Again thank you all for the birthday wishes. Everyone be safe, be happy, be kind, contribute more if you can. Always say “I love you” to the ones you love and care about. Live in the now and be present since tomorrow is never promised. I love you so much Mom. Thank you for being the best mother a daughter could ever ask for and could ever love ❤️ 😘🌹🌟

20 years ago today...🎉🙂

Still can't believe I met these hilarious, talented women at the @vulturefestival! I have been wanting to meet them for a while and they rarely come to NYC and do shows here. Hopefully they can one day because I definitely would buy a ticket ☺️ thank you @laurenlapkus @maryhollandaise @girlwithatail @stephanieallynne for the group pic!! It was great meeting all of you❤️ #wildhorsesshow #vulturefestival

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