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OMGGG 😲 @sophie.skelton and @rikrankin mentioned me in their interview!!! Believe me when I tell you that I was screaming on the inside in happiness once they started talking about our interaction from last week. It’s cast members like them that makes everything worth while. Richard, I’m gonna get you a hoodie too! And it will be here when you come back to NYC!! Thank you both for this awesome shoutout from Canada ❤️ love you and I love this show!! #sophieskelton #richardrankin #outlander #friends #samheughan #caitrionabalfe

Take me back to last week when I had a chat with the charming @rikrankin and the lovely @sophie.skelton ☺️ honestly it was one memorable Halloween. Thank you so much @iamuniquelysweet for recording this!! And thank you Sophie and Richard for taking time to talk with me. You both are really great! Can’t wait to watch the rest of this season!! #sophieskelton #richardrankin #outlander

I don’t know what we did to deserve this kind man in our lives but I am forever grateful for @samheughan and his chivalrous ways. He is a (inter)national treasure. He must be protected at all costs ❤️ #samheughan #outlander #jamiefraser #bloodshot #thespywhodumpedme

@sophie.skelton @rikrankin you two are absolutely the best. Let me tell you, the entire Outlander cast is hands down THE nicest cast I ever met in my 4 years of meeting celebs. Every time I’ve encountered them, they have always been so genuine and super sweet to fans. Sophie had complimented on my “Friends” hoodie so I decided to get her one as a gift for being so nice. I went to the nearest store and thank God I bought the last size they had.. Thank you both so much for the conversation, laughs and jokes. I am so eager to tune in to @outlander_starz this Sunday!!! #sophieskelton #richardrankin #outlander

3 years after meeting @twhiddleston, I officially became a meme 😂. Still can’t believe this lol. I forgot to post it then when it first came out but it still makes me laugh now. How come @theellenshow hasn’t contacted me yet? 🤷🏽‍♀️ #tomhiddleston #loki #memes

Best.Day.Ever! @wherearetheavocados thank you bunches ❤️ #billieeilish #oceaneyes

Jamie, your understanding of people and things is amazing. You are always seeking the good in others which is a rare but wonderful trait. May life bring you fond memories and may the happy moments outweigh the sad ones. Keep being wonderful. Fight a little longer because it's all worth it in the end, and just know I’ll be there for you. Happy birthday, dear. I’ll always cherish the moments we shared with our favorite person ever. I love and miss you both. Hope you have a great day ❤️🎉🎈🎁 #happybirthday #jessicachastain

Can I please go back to 2015 where meeting one of your favorite humans on Earth was THIS easy and fun and worth the price of an $20 admission ticket 😩 love @annehathaway so much. Miss seeing her on/off Broadway ❤️❤️ #annehathaway

The first words out of my mouth were “congratulations on your Emmy win”. I am proud so of her. @thandienewton is brilliant ❤️ #thandienewton #westworld #emmywinner

This has been one amazing weekend. I am grateful and fortunate I got to spend it with these nice, amazing people. They truly are great friends. They’re unlike
any other ❤️ they are the best! Thank you all for making this weekend one of the most memorable ones of this year ☺️ we are one big photo-with family and I love you all 🌟

One of the highlights of this weekend was seeing one of my favorite casts together for their first official convention. @outlander_starz is such an incredible show and the storyline only gets better every season. I can’t thank @samheughan @caitrionabalfe @sophie.skelton @rikrankin for the pictures and just overall coming to @newyorkcomiccon and promote for the next season! #samheughan #caitrionabalfe #sophieskelton #richardrankin #lauradonnelly #outlander

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