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Kei Meguro ・ 目黒ケイ  b a b e d r a w e r ・作品集「FACES」発売中 Enquire 💌: For commissions, collaborations & FAQ👇🏻

I came home to this glorious view, double the joy and fluff. Say hi to Mikan (pronounced like Pecan but with an M), our 5 month old mutt☺️ I grew up with a golden retriever so I never thought I'd be a mom to a toy breed nugget, but I couldn't be any happier. You'll see more of them☺️ We're in the process of potty training- Momo was super quick to learn but Mikan is quite the challenge so far. Any tricks or tips would be appreciated🤗❤ @dailymomoandmikan

Hi everyone, it's been a while, I missed you. A lot has happened recently but I'm back, stronger than ever. As much as I don't want to involve my personal life here, it's hard to draw when you're not really yourself- thank you for being so patient. I have gotten all of your messages and emails, you'll hear from me soon... x

A look in somebody's eyes. To light up the skies. To open the world and send it reeling. A voice says, I'll be here. And you'll be alright. #throwbackdrawing

Happy Monday, always keep that sparkle in your eyes✨ #commissioned

Sundays at home with this babe instead of watching the Oscars. To live video or not...🤔 Thoughts? #WIP #iPad #weirdhandz

$1 happy hour with my loves. Keep the bubbly flowin' 🥂 #itadakimasu

Guess who #🚭

Here is an illustrator literally holding illustrator. Spent a couple of hours at the @adobe Japan HQ today, thank you for having me. Some amazing new projects coming your way...😉✨ #adobe

Finding foxes and soba at this magical mountain. We were the first to arrive and feasted on the most delicious cold soba and tempura ever- so worth the wait. The limited 30 servings sold out way before they even opened the doors. #rakuichi #hokkaido

Happy Monday from Japan, finishing off some drawings from my previous live video #procreate

There's something amazing about eating ice cream in the snow. I've never been a fan of milk until today- Hokkaido knows best. It's a bit embarrassing that there's so much of Japan that I don't know.
夏よりも冬のアイスがだいすき。牛乳苦手な私でもミルクとティラミスアイスをペロッと頂きました、恐るべし北海道… 何食べても美味しすぎる❤ 札幌と小樽にも行きますが、絶対ここは行くべし!なポイントありましたら是非とも教えてください✨日本人なのに、知らないことばかりです。

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