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✖️ Keith McKenna ✖️  </> Web Developer 🐆 Bentley 👻 keithmck 🤴🏻 20 something 🗽 NY || ---> SD 📍🐮 🍀🕉✡️♐️🐾 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍


Just another manic Monday... 😴😻

Who else enjoys the finer things in life?

..... like sunrises 🌅 😌

Hopefully one day my head will catch up with the size of my ears! 😹😻💜 #latergram

Friday work station setup 💻🎧☕️☀️

I love switching up my working environment, it helps to give me a fresh outlook on my work. Also... who is equally excited as me that the weekend is finally here!!? Yasss!

Drop some of your favorite places to relax and work in the comments below! - Have a stellar weekend ahead loves 💜💜

Last night tho 🔥

Love you sooooo so much!! Always a blast wit chu boo 😘💜

Yo Yo! Got some #newink 😍

The stunning @amandaallstot 's birthdate in Roman numerals 😘😘

Now, who can be the first to decode my second tat?! 🔮

👇👇 drop some comments below 👇👇 13/07/17

CHEERS! To little sleep, functioning code & these delectable donuts 😅🍩

Yo Guys! 👋🏻 Okay so I said I was going to be more active, posting everyday, yada yada and look where that got me... it's been like.... what? Three good weeks since I've posted? 😒 Now I know you're wondering, "Where the hell have you been?!" And I'm sorry 😐 let me just say................ life.

OKAY! Well now that I got that out of the wayyyyy........ hellooooooo all of my beautiful followers! I'm BAAACK! And this time - with a vengeance, and I'm coming for you Instagram 😈

SO let's talk - I'm tired of letting life get in the way of my goals and dreams. And let's be honest, you gotta make shit happen in life, things don't just happen on their own. So I'm diving in headstrong and going all out on spending as much time as humanly possible on researching, reading and learning everything I can about coding and web development. Lately I've been mastering my skills in both HTML & CSS - but I've also been playing around with responsive web design and trying to learn/understand grid concepts and creating a website that, of course, looks stellar across all devices used.


It's all clicking, coming together and my website that I keep talking about.... IT. IS. LIVE!!!!!!!! 😱

Now, so far, it's just my 'coming soon' page and the buttons don't work yet. But go check it out (link is in my bio) and you'll see I've created a timer. This timer is my current goal - a 60 day challenge to learn as much as I can to create an amazing, interactive and fully functional website! And let's be honest.... I've got this 😏

I love setting goals in life because it gives me something to fight for, something to keep pushing me along - a reminder not to give up. Leave me comments, send me DMs, smoke signals - whatever! And let me know what you think so far! And any ideas/suggestions you have - I love to hear them!

What are some recent goals you've set for yourself? And what mediums do you find most beneficial for learning? (Books, websites, collaboration with others?) Drop those comments below, I love hearing from all of you! 😘 11/07/17

#flashbackfriday to when my little one was still.... whittle! 😼😻

Me: "Bentley.. time to get up for school!"
Bentley: "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

... he can be sooo over dramatic 🙄😂

follow me down 💚

Ok now I'm hooked on this #tbt 🤷🏻‍♂️

Soooooo I'm going back to living in the middle of downtown San Francisco - while it didn't last long, my time spent there will never be forgotten. 💜

T'was a little scruffier back then too 😅

That storm last night tho 👀 ⛈


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