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Keerit  Future Queen of Norta. An aspiring author with a lot of sass.

Obsessed with reading even when I couldn't read😂 sorry for the blurry pic🙈

That moment when you realise that your garden is hella photogenic

*insert clichéd tumblr quote about life being beautiful, etc, etc*

"Look look look I found an animal lazier than you." - the savage little thing I call my brother.

"Well boo-hoo you, Lucas," Jaime taunts. "You're in love; you're experiencing the emotion everyone hates and desires at the same time. Suck it up." "But you know what?" She asks pointedly. "I don't understand the whole 'if you love someone, then let them go' theory. I think, if you love someone, you should fight for them. Don't just give up on them because you love them and you think it's the right thing to do. Even though giving up can be harder than fighting, sometimes the hardest option isn't always the right one." After a pause, she sighs, "And for Christ's sake, you're not Brutus who is morally obliged to purge the tyranny running rampant in Rome. You're not Romeo who'd rather die that live in a world void of his beloved. You don't need to make a huge sacrifice because sacrifices only sound good in books, not reality." "So suck it up, Lucas." She repeats. "You're not dying, she's not dying, your families don't have centuries worth of hatred running through their veins. You're just a boy and she's just a girl, and you two are just two of the millions of idiots in the world who are in love." #LukeandAria #comingsoon #wattpad #youngadult

2K reads♥️ Even if I haven't had the most respectable update schedule, thank you soooo much for sticking through my horrible spells of writer's block🙌🏼 A huge shoutout to everyone who has commented and spammed me with messages to update on your precious OTP. And yes #LukeandAria are adorable and no I didn't stick to my promise and yes I absolutely love Luke and okay I'm going to stop rambling now♥️ @abhiraj_bhati aaj update paka 😂

#tb to when I was an itty-bitty muffin

The first book series I read after Roald Dahl was Harry Potter. At the age of 11, I'd watched all the movies with my little brother, who was only 2 at the time but adamantly introduced himself as Harry Potter to everyone he met. I read each and every book thrice, memorised all the spells, could quote most parts of the books in my sleep and was absolutely and utterly dejected when I didn't get my letter. Books let you travel anywhere at any time, with nothing but words, and I think that's what made me want to write. Growing up as an avid reader, I've read many many many books over the years, but only a few stick with you the way Harry Potter does. There's only one book series that can make me cry and laugh at the same time, and I know those are the only books I'll go back to even after all this time.

Currently on a Gossip Girl marathon and I'm fangirling over Blair & Chuck all over again♥️ someone please send help

That moment when you submit your essay 5 minutes before the deadline

#tb to this beautiful place where I almost slipped while taking this shot

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