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Wait this is so cool. I’m an actor who loves to play music. Thankful for every single person who listens to my music! if you are listening - comment below where you are

Winter came. Love you a bunch

Whomst ever is sending these nightmarish “added smile” photos of Troian and I around the internets and tagging me- you win. I am equal parts mystified and horrified. But like with any massive dream or nightmare, it must be shared with unwilling participants.

Enjoy the darkness of the deep web

Before/During/After playing @nintendo #supersmashbrosultimate
Thank you @nintendoswitches for making this #gift for us fans.

Been playing super smash since 1999 baby!

NOW GIVE US #waluigi !! Also #pokemonletsgo IS A MASTERPIECE AS WELL


Can’t believe it’s been a year since my beautiful cat Minin passed away.
But in that year I was united with my little baby @tynthecat
Thank you @maryamoalshamsi for bringing so much joy back into my life with Tyn. Losing a pet it so hard.
It is losing a part of yourself.
Out there, forever untethered, my friend wanders the cosmos along with my dad and uncle Mike. A happier place for all good souls.
Miss you babe.

Welcome to my room(s)

I am excited to say that I will be @EyeCon3000 this upcoming April for the 1st US #PrettyLittleLiars convention. Come see me and other cast mates in Orlando, FL. Visit for all info on the event." #EyeCon #PLL #Orlando

Hey @mtv welcome to my crib. Scarface is playing on every tv and I have a @louisvuitton duffle for every hour of everyday. Lol

RUTHIE! I love you! 🥰 first photo was 2 years ago
Second was today!

We’ll see about that.

Update: didn’t shake my hands.

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