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keen on  The award-winning Avantgarde Art Magazine. Issue no 5 is out now! 🤖 keen on posthuman bodies 🚀


Last night was the opening of the new show #VirtualNormality at @mdbkleipzig. One of the many visitors: the one and only @laturbo! 💜
The exhibition is on view at #MdbKLeipzig until April 8. Make sure to stop by if you get the chance, it’s definitely worth a visit - not only because @keenonmag founder @sabrinasteinek is one of the curators. ✨

#MdbKVirtualNormality #MdbKLeipzig #LaTurboAvedon

Photo 📸 courtesy: LaTurbo Avedon

keen on Virtual Normality 🤳
Together with @anika, keen on magazine founder @sabrinasteinek is curating an exhibition at the @mdbkleipzig! 🙌
„Virtual Normality – Female Net Artists 2.0“ opens this Thursday at 8pm, make sure to drop by if you’re around! 💕 The show is highlighting prominent contemporary femme-identified artists working within fields of new media & net art. And if the opening itself weren’t enough: there will be a live performance by reality artist @signepierce on opening night! ✨

The group exhibition will feature works by Signe Pierce, Molly Soda, Leah Schrager, Refrakt, Nicole Ruggiero, Stephanie Sarley, Arvida Byström, Nakeya Brown, Juno Calypso, Izumi Miyazaki and LaTurbo Avedon!
Photo 📸 courtesy Signe Pierce

keen on 🤳Olga Fedorova
One of the exhibitions we’ve been keen on in our most recent issue #keenonposthumanbodies: „Generic Jungle“ at Annka Kultys Gallery.🙌 The show is only on display at the gallery until December 16, 2017 but you can read @keenonmag any time you want. Link in bio! 👀

#keenonmag #posthumanbodies #annkakultys
Credit 📸 OLGA FEDOROVA: Selfie. 2017. Lenticular print. 121 x 91 cm (framed). Unique. (OFed002.17)

keen on 💕 (post)human bodies „I loved the Internet and I wanted to make art about it. And so I did.“ – Nicole Ruggiero
Read the interview with @_nicoleruggiero by @anika in our latest issue n°5 – keen on posthuman bodies! Link in bio 👆🏻 #keenonmag #posthumanbodies #nicoleruggiero
Copyright 📸 Nicole Ruggiero

keen on Net Artists 2.0 🤳 „Women and young girls should quit being ashamed of their bodies, of pubic hair, of spots, excretions, scars, menstruation and masturbation, and of their vagina.“ – Anika Meier 🙌

Make sure to check out the article „The Fruits of Feminism“ by Anika Meier in our #keenonattention issue! 👀
One of the artists she mentions in it is @arvidabystrom 💕 In January, the artist will be part of #VirtualNormality, a group show curated by @keenonmag founder @sabrinasteinek and @anika from @thisaintartschool. 🚨‚Virtual Normality – Net Artists 2.0‘ opens on January 11, 2018. 🚨

#keenonmag #MdbKLeipzig #VirtualNormality

Photo 📸💘 @arvidabystrom

keen on Signe Pierce
@signepierce is one of the artists who will be part of #MdbKVirtualNormality – the upcoming exhibition at @mdbkleipzig. 💕 If you want to learn more about Signe, check out our issue°2 #keenonattention to read an interview with her by Sabrina Steinek. 👉🏼 www.keenonmag.com 👈🏼
„I’m interested in how we are socialized to interact with one another, and about the chaos of reality.“ – Signe Pierce on her performance „American Reflexxx“

The group show curated by @sabrinasteinek and @anika (@thisaintartschool) opens on January 11, 2018! 🎈Save the Date!

#keenonmag #MdbKLeipzig #MdbKVirtualNormality
Credits 🎥 Signe Pierce and Alli Coates


Coming soon to @mdbkleipzig: an exhibition curated by @keenonmag founder @sabrinasteinek and @anika from @thisaintartschool. 👀
With the group show, they are going to display how Women Net Artists 2.0 deal with the possibilities and restrictions of Social Media and how these artists question the beauty ideals and gender stereotypes, that have become a standard in the attention-economy of Social Media. ‚Virtual Normality – Net Artists 2.0‘ opens on January 11, 2018. 🎉🎊 The exhibitions features works by @junocalypso, @signepierce, @stephanie_sarley, @arvidabystrom, @leahschrager, @bloatedandalone4evr1993, @_nicoleruggiero, @nakeya_brown, @laturbo, @refraktapp and Izumi Miyazaki.

#keenonmag #MdbKLeipzig #mdbkvirtualnormality
Photo 📸 Juno Calypso. The Honeymoon. A Solitary Love Affair. 2016

Our social media baby @mdbkleipzig 💕 had a blast cooperating with the geniuses from @thisaintartschool for its first #InstaMeet! Thanks for being such great partners in crime, we’re keen on you. 😍

Photo 📸 @sabrinasteinek
Exhibition view: Displacements/ Entortungen
#keenonmag #thisaintartschool #mdbkleipzig #meetmdbkleipzig

We’re keen on concrete - so it’s no wonder that we immediately felt in love with the architecture of the @mdbkleipzig! 😍 The perfect spot for concrete lovers!
Photo 📸 @sabrinasteinek
#keenonmag #mdbkleipzig #concretelovers #meetmdbkleipzig

About last night 👉🏼 We had a blast at the opening of the joint exhibition ‚Displacements/ Entortungen‘ of Ayse Erkmen and Mona Hatoum at the @mdbkleipzig!

#MdbKLeipzig #CapturingDisplacements #ErkmenHatoum #meetmdbkleipzig
Photo 📸 @sabrinasteinek

keen on 🔗 .ZIP CLUB 🔗
Artist LaTurbo Avedon has just started a new Drip project: „.ZIP CLUB", where subscribers can get some special items throughout the year! Drip is a tool for artists and creators to fund and build community around their creative practice and we’re keen on it! 💫
If you want to learn more about LaTurbo Avedon, check out our latest issue 🖤keen on posthuman bodies🖤. Lindsay Howard met the artist via g-chat to talk about the humanity of avatars and the advantages of existing as one in the art world! Btw, you can find the link in our bio! 👆 „I think of myself as being in a constant state of character creation — something I’d argue that most people do everyday.“👀 #keenonmag #posthumanbodies #laturboavedon © LaTurbo Avedon

keen on ⛓Adam de Neige ⛓ „We need to think in terms of influence rather than ownership. How much influence an artist can have over an idea or artwork rather than whether she/he owns it. At the end of the day, we tend to remember impressions rather than facts.“ 🖤

Read Marie-Claire Gagnon’s interview with Adam de Neige in our latest issue ⚔️ keen on posthuman bodies ⚔️ #keenonmag #posthumanbodies #adamdeneige

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