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Akeem Bailey  Son Of An Angel R.I.H. Mother ๐Ÿ‘ผ Future Music Producer (601-JSU)

It's bout to get real, Can't wait till Ghost & Tasha pull up on Kanan & jukebox #GhostFree #powerstarz

Boy when I say Carmelo is a fool, Bet he regrets what he did to this Queen, She making bigger moves now, Bet her in sex scenes hurt yo pride when u see it, @lala you got me crushing girl salute ๐Ÿ™Œ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ˜˜

Y'all killing me on my timeline tonight, God I thank you for creating these beautiful souls called Queens ๐Ÿ™Œ

Post from 3 years ago & its still inspiring till this day, My brothers inspired me by showing me that being with that special 1 lady in they're life & the key word number is 1, All guy's should be inspired by this, My bro told me is good to come home from a hardworking day & seeing your special Queen with a smile that keeps you going & lifted, You both have the same feeling, Can't till its me & my future Queen time & moment, Fellas let's not wait till we're in our 40's to settle for this moment, Start at a early age while you can & find the 1 & keep her, You never know what's in store for you & her future #WCW

You never know ladies, May be a blessing in your DM

Most men won't take another mans responsibility, Would accept the girl but not her child but that's not the way for me, I have no problem to take it from here, I honesty think its a beautiful thing to do & I just love seeing a strong single mother working hard day & night just so her kids can have a better life, I always love that from a single mom, & a just to have a king to step up & take it from her to provide & protect what is now his Queen & princess doing what her last failed to do or didn't live long to make it happen, With or without a child I know 1 day I will find her #QueenToBe

#tbt Miss that car on the left

Happy Mother's Day to my Angel My Queen My Mama Keep watching over me & resting in heaven

Thats why i call a women a Queen, I really believe behind a man is a strong woman, A beautiful soul, A man is not a man without her, Alot of guys act too tough for themselves & wont admit that a woman is a mans backbone, I know its real & i believe woman can get us where we need to be, I have so much respect for women that im proud to say im a one Queen's man, Wouldn't have it in my heart to mistreat her #QueenToBe

Woke up pain screaming all the way to heaven saying Happy Mom, My real life begins when i fall asleep cause your in my dreams #SonOfAnAngel #MyQueenSince1990

Think about this next time y'all in planet fitness recruiting, That's why I'm not that guy who goes after every pretty face thick shape i see's around, Everything look good not good for u

Money goin one way..... People another #mastermind

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