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keeganhayes  🌹 Sydney, Australia 🌹 Interwebs musician 🌹 bedroom bangers 🌹 My music might suck but so do you 😣

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So I've been meaning to post this up again for awhile. Thanks heaps to the mega talented @a.lil.sketchy for this one 💜. Also I will be doing a short video for @3amlol for their YouTube channel where I will discuss a little bit about me and my upcoming EP. Would anyone even be interested in this?

Thanks so much for 1k followers on soundcloud. Shits super surreal. As a thanks I will be dropping a new song "snakes" hopefully this week depending on how it all goes. Thanks so much to @clawballz for the cover art!

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🌹 Storytime🌹 So today I stumbled across this song again for the first time in 2 years. For some reason it had me feeling super emotional, I guess it's because this song was the biggest wake up call for me 6 years ago when I was 21, still living at home, single, super overweight and depressed/suicidal beyond belief. I had given up on myself entirely. This song just inspired me so much that I decided to live life again, not be a victim and rise up for a better life. I became a youth worker (which I still am to this day) and gave back to my community, I fell in love (and will be getting married soon) and have my own place. I'm also in the head space to make music again this past year and I'm so blessed. I guess I wanted to share this with you all in hopes it may inspire you the way it inspired me. Also what song has helped shift your mindset for the better? ILY all so much ❤ Song name is make better by Intuition & Equalibrum. @itsintuition, @equalibrum

🌹 Storytime 🌹
So as a kid I freaking loved baths, I'd take all my monster toys up in that bitch and just play for hours, id come out looking like Benjamin button fr. Anyway over my "adult life " I've tended to stray away from baths. I think maybe because I had this odd thought in my head that that's not what adults do, so this week I've made it a small goal to bath every day. Not only is it awesome for my mental health but ilI feel super relaxed and happy. I dunno why I posted this but I guess I just wanted to encourage yall to get in touch with your inner child again. You know just jump into life and play with bubbles and shit ❤

I love all of you so much , thanks to everyone that has given me love and support this year. Couldn't have made it through some days without yall!!!

Everyone pumped for the weekend? I'll probably be staying in but what plans do yall have??

Why are you so perfect dude. What's your fav Joji song and why? If we have the same fave ill spam your photos with my love ❤

Holy crap this has hit 20k views. While it may not be a lot to some, to me this is such a milestone. Thanks so much to all of you who have listened to this. It means more than you will ever know ❤

Far to ugly to go to work today. How has everyones week been?

I know this is late but dang, this dude was there for me musically so much during my younger years. Words cannot express my gratitude to this man for the way he has shaped hiphop and what he has done for the culture. You will be missed homie ❤

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