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  KEEFE NG 吳卓衡 🇭🇰Hong Kong student/model/actor 工作請聯繫經理人:@kennethwong221 📞:(852) 2335 2106 📱:(852) 9497 9172 ✉️:

#tbt technically first day of shooting for
#特技人 #firsttvbdrama #海滔滔

#tbt our squad hving lot of fun in Ms.Lok's bday party🎂🍾🍸

#飛虎極戰 拍攝過程雖然比之前其他題材嘅戲辛苦 碌ig都無時間,但都好享受一班飛虎一齊過嘅每一日 仲有好多好多場大家撐住💂🏿💂🏾💂🏽💂🏼💂🏻

'Whr'd you wanna go'🍃

#飛虎極戰 開鏡拜神

You smile but you wanna cry, you talk but you wanna be quiet, you pretend like you're happy but the fact is you're broken inside.

Do i turn left where nothing is right?
Or do i turn right where nothing is left?

Let it all go,
See what stays.


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