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Kedar Kamath  Engineer, Guitars & Music - Relapse In Continuum, Autohead, Animal - Nature lover, explorer, trekker, climber, thrill seeker, Martial arts.

This is why we never progress as a race. Be aware. Do not support the unnecessary. #saynotoanimalabuse #saynotoanimalcruelty #coexist


Cool, calm, collective. Fierce, violent, uncontrollable. It is a flow of not volume but a flow due to difference in pressure. Hence it is a flow due to flux. The flow represents change and that change , as always, is elementally constant.
It can raise the crust to the ground, it can blow the water off its feet, it can reduce the fire to ashes. But can it control its own flow ? Only nature would know.

Destroyer of the redundant, the old, the unnecessary.
Burning bright with the power of destruction and re-creation. Untouchable yet its touch is desired. The fire, the will, the power, the magnificence.
Provides sustainance when used and not abused. Is a supporter of life sustainance without which balance would be lost. It is the voluminous fire in the core of thin skinned skeleton. It is the lamp of will.

The ocean is like the human brain. It is vast, expansive, wide, has a high ratio of depth-volume : surface area, has sections, is compartmentalized, is complex infinitesimally yet simplistic afar. It is elemental, powerful & dangerous. It's only constant is change and that change is instantaneously constant. It is built on waves, high and low. It thrives on change, ebb and flow. It wants to thrive, let it glow. It wants to change, let if flow.

The parent constituent of the ocean is water. Water is shape less, formless, made up of the two building blocks of evolution, hydrogen and oxygen. It is now a compound that existed through billions of years of natural selection and eventual evolution. It is the holy grail of survival for animals and plants. It is invaluable when united & when broken apart, releases two molecules which are the root of life formation and sustainance. It is one of the most important compounds and individually, molecules.

Hard on the surface, seemingly solid-hard on the outside.
Cool on the surface with fire within.
Only a fraction of percent of crust and the rest mantle-molten-glowing ball of fire.
Battled creation to sustain and become a motherboard to various circuitries.
Source of precious minerals, carrier of life sustaining various elements. Keep us grounded dear earth.

@Regranned from @mannypacquiao - I remember as a little boy I ate one meal a day and sometimes slept in the street. I will never forget that and it inspires me to fight hard, stay strong and remember all the people of my country, trying to achieve better for themselves. - #regrann *** One of the greatest EVER !!

La Familia. Photo by @prabhu677

I was told to pose normal. And so i did !

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