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KEALOPIKO  Fashion & Design with manaʻo • Made in Hawaii nei / Styled in Hawaii nei | Workshop located on Molokai & @the_kealopikoshop located in HNL #kealopiko

APUKA AINA | Visionary chief Kauikeaouli gave to his people vested rights in the land of Hawai‘i, codified in the 1840 constitution, the 1846 Principles of the Land Commission, and carried through in the Kuleana Act of 1850. Where and when applicable, the phrase “Ua koe ke kuleana o nā kānaka” ensures one’s right to access cultural and natural resources on “private” lands. What else might this phrase offer to our understanding of land rights? Some scholars are exploring the notion that the interest of native tenants remains in all lands. If so, then maka‘āinana may still have vested interests in Hawai‘i’s lands. Meanwhile, advocacy for Hawaiians under Hawai‘i state law is critical to protecting our rights today and defending against the loss of our ancestral lands. This incredibly important kuleana has been the work of the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation (NHLC) since 1974. Leilani Kapuni coined the term ‘āpuka ‘āina (to swindle or cheat someone out of their land) for adverse possession in 1986, when a party used it to gain title to her family’s kuleana lands in Kalua‘aha, Moloka‘i (those parcel shapes inspired this design). While the Kapuni ‘ohana ultimately lost those family parcels, their efforts resulted in a very important outcome: to quiet the title to a parcel of land one must take certain steps to identify and contact anyone with an interest in that land; a tiny notice buried deep in the classifieds falls woefully short of this due process requirement. Thanks to NHLC and the Kapuni ‘ohana, Hawaiians must receive proper notice of any attempt to extinguish interest they may have in ancestral lands. #kealopiko #styledinhawaiinei #apukaaina #makamakacollection

More than just a retro tee! We’ve designed a new tag exclusively for our ALL ALOHA garments that are made in Hawaii nei and wanted to commemorate this moment with a tee. Available now online and @the_kealopikoshop! For kāne, wahine, whoeva...ALL ALOHA for all the bodies, all the time! #kealopiko #madeinhawaiinei

ALL ALOHA by Kealopiko | Hana ‘ia me ke aloha ma Hawai‘i Nei - Made with love here in Hawai‘i. 🌈
In the past, there was a large and thriving aloha wear industry in Hawai‘i. Today it’s hard to find a shirt or dress made on the shores of our islands, probably because business owners make a higher profit when their clothing is manufactured overseas in huge facilities. In that scenario, both owners and employees miss out on the beauty and pride of small-scale local production. At Kealopiko, we experience firsthand the satisfaction and fulfillment of the people who do the work because we do it with them. Our aloha wear is produced in small batches at our Moloka‘i workshop, where ladies from the island dye and print each piece of fabric by hand and with love, producing one-of-a-kind garments. When you choose Kealopiko All Aloha wear, you support local art and manufacturing, you help to provide jobs for Molokai residents (and employees throughout Hawai‘i), and you dress yourself in truly Hawaiian designs. You won’t find pineapple or ginger on our version of aloha wear. Our artwork that pays tribute to the plants, animals, people, language, and history unique to these islands. E ‘a‘ahu nō a ho‘ohanohano i ka ‘āina nei - Wear it and honor this place! #kealopiko #madeinhawaiinei

CRUISY CASUAL | Whether you’re at home or by the moana, these Kuaʻau shorties are the bees knees. Get yours online or @the_kealopikoshop #kealopiko #styledinhawaiinei

FEELIN FRISKY | a small batch of body skimming pencil skirts releases Friday in two shades of beauty, rose and navy. 10a online and @the_kealopikoshop #kealopiko #styledinhawaiinei

MINIMAL EFFORT | a little mo’ MOANA arrives on Friday in a small release of laidback everyday wear that makes looking good look easy. Check it out online on Friday - available now @the_kealopikoshop #kealopiko #styledinhawaiinei

MAHINA ON EVERYTHING | Can’t think of lovelier essentials than these for your go-bag whether you’re headed to the beach or a longer retreat. A pareu and a splash-proof bag to get you thru the wet times. Buy yours now online or @the_kealopikoshop #kealopiko #styledinhawaiinei #alohacollection

ʻELUA ULUA | a deep blue tee for the keiki available now online and @the_kealopikoshop
The ulua aukea, also known as Giant Trevally, or Caranx ignobilis in Latin, is considered a koa (warrior) of the sea. These formidable fish are prized by shore fisherman for a great fight. Distinuguised from other species by its lighter color, ulua aukea can also grow quite large, possibly exceeding 200 lbs. In traditional times ulua were caught through a variety of methods and with several types of fishing lines, each having its own special name. Preferences vary among folks, but ulua are eaten both raw and cooked and at all their stages of growth (pāpio/pāpiopio, pā‘ū‘ū, and ulua). In Hawaiian metaphorical thought, an ulua represents a man. In traditional times, the act of seeking out a human sacrifice was called kāpapa ulua and if a man could not be obtained, an ulua was used in his place (mōhai pāna‘i). They also represent male sweethearts, as in the common saying “Aia i ka huki ulua” - gone to pull in ulua fish (gone to find her a man). In the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, ulua grow to huge sizes and travel in large schools. According to friends who have been diving in the waters of Papahānaumokunuiākea, a pack of these feisty fish is not something you want to mess with. #kealopiko #styledinhawaiinei

FOR SHE WHO LOVES THE MOON | a pareu for each phase of life releases Friday at 10a. Shop three rosy shades of sheer beauty online or pop-in @the_kealopikoshop for yours #kealopiko #styledinhawaiinei

MĀNINI KINE TINGS | the cutest batch of keiki shirts are coming to our website this Friday, but if you can’t wait until then, check them out in person @the_kealopikoshop now #kealopiko #styledinhawaiinei

NEW KĀNE | these stunning pullovers were released online this morning, but they’re also available @the_kealopikoshop too! Come on down! #kealopiko #madeinhawaiinei

ALL ALOHA FRIDAY | mo’ color mo’ color, mo’ color! We‘re putting a few select pieces for kāne and wahine on the website tomorrow ⏰ 10am 👩🏽‍💻 #kealopiko #madeinhawaiinei

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