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KEALANI | active life  📍Arizona Former D1 Athlete plant-based🌱

Seems like the swimmer shoulders are here to stay... I’ve always wanted petit shoulders and arms but I’m coming to terms with the fact that that will never happen. The forever curse of a retired butterflier 😭#swammer

Saturday workout done! Been adding some sprinting to my workouts and I definitely see quick progress and I’m actually starting to like running a little 🤭#swammer

Mini Band Broad Jumps with walk backs 😭 I decided to record on my 4th round and am literally dying my jumps are more like hops 😂 but if you want your legs to fall off this is a great way to make that happen! 4x10 with a set of 20 choice abs between rounds
#veganfitness #queenteam

So when do I get a 6 pack? I’m trying to up my protein intake, if anyone has any vegan protein tips please share!! 👇🏼🌱#veganeats #veganfitness

Anyone else’s dog like to lay on their face like this? He’s like “you will love me or I will suffocate you.” I still love him! #wienerdog #sausagedog

Arizona, man... the opportunities to get outside are endless. I love being outside on the weekends! What’s your favorite weekend activity? ☀️🌵

Woo! Upper body strength coming back! Hurt my hands but felt good! #gripstrength #rockclimbing

Hello abs ☀️ I finished week 10 with a sprint ladder: :30s all out / :30 rest
:40 all out / :30 rest :50 all out / :30 rest
1:00 all out / 1:00 rest
And go back down the ladder! Damn! I was sweating for days! And only took 11 minutes! Woo! #veganfitness #veganpower

When sweat is dripping off your eyelashes you know you’re doing it right 💦 Week 10 arms done! Just 4 more days till the weekend... .
#bbgcommunity #bbggirl #armday #hiitworkout #progressnotperfection

A few of my favorite things 💛 #asseenonmystory

Week 9 complete! First week where my entire body is sore... literally jumped in the unheated pool at my apartments as a pseudo ice bath ❄️ now time to tan ☀️

Leggies looking good! Finished week 9 abs... 😅 literally no joke it was so hard! Finally looking forward to this weekend! Hope you all have a great Friday!!

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