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  @fabkoreans ’ back up account hehehehehehheh hi

#editors_assemble ;
haaaaaaaaiiiii OuO

psssst this is duckeh. ouo;;
@ughexo /inserts tag idk what it is for da contest

#editors_assemble ;
all my edits are at @fabkoreans btw if ya wanna see since yeah you only accept limited people & this acc is empty OnO

#gheigames ; hi

. requested by @nadiaadotcom
am i correct? not a rly big fan of b.a.p mianhae ><
& i hope you don't mind that he doesn't have cat ears :-(
exams, stress ugh.

requested by @leeteuk_sj
sorry omg
the filter made
the ears like so
bright that you
can't see it. butt
without the filter
it's ugly like ew.
/coughs @itswillehsworld

requested by @keditz_
whale, tried a new style. x:

requested by @lovebomx
asdfghjkl bom
is just so adorbs
here. like omg her
eyes twinkle. i
just can't. ughh. ♡

requested by @koreanedit. ♡
happy birthday hyoyeon! *^*

pleaseee? D:
just comment an idol asdfghjkl you don't have to be following me butt yeah just comment cx

#happychenchenday . ♡
cr if repost.

hai it's @luh4ns 's back up account hohoho.
I'll be posting simple edits like these so cr if repost ok.
or I'll kill u in your sleep. OuO

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