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korean drama quotes  💫 quoting kor dramas & osts 🌱 착한남자; 또오해영; 그녀는예뻤다; 기황후 💭 To learn hangul from kdramas ↓


*・수상한 파트너・*:.
Successfully abstains from kdramas for 5 months, then casually watches all 12 episodes the weekend before exams, and spends another 2 hours making a quote 👏🏻👏🏻 Hmm it might be a weird quote without the context but I like it sooo....
I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am !! I'm really really happy he chose this role !! I loved his agent stuff (Idk why but I can't watch the K2 without getting a migraine- not kidding it's happened twice already) but I'm so happy he's doing something different now !! I love the depth of his character and 100% yes to the sass and pettiness, glasses-glasses-glasses(I'm yelling megane half the time) and just the general 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥-ness (OH, namjihyun in the second square is me constantly watching this)... Also I'm actually really taking to taejoon in this one, it was pretty easy to guess what he did but I was wondering why he'd even still stay around jiwook and being all ilubyu if he had a hEart but it started making a little more sense so ok I guess..... Everyone go watch it it if you aren't already, thank me later !!! Alright bye 😇✨🔥
; #jcwismine

“W - Two Worlds”
; 더블유 Episode 4
Atar is such a pain, but there's time for a hanhyojoo dedi !! dongyi is finally back 😭💜💜 it's been 6 years GAH I'm so so so happy AND SHES STILL SO PRETTY AHHH
Please watch W if you aren't already it's absolutely amazing 😌🌨 (and then you can hack MBC and link me to the episodes before they're released tyvm*하트*) it's so good and they are SO CUTE IRL I can't take it AHHHH k gtg before I start fangirling and write another long cap bai back to the books, thank you everyone for sticking around HAHAha 💖💖 pic cred: jongsuk😉
(Tho tbh if he shot me, leejongsuk or not I would have pushed him off his own penthouse instead so yea)

“Descendants of the Sun”
; 태양의 후예 OST Part 5
Mad Clown & Kim Nayoung

You can probably tell this is my fav dots ost..... (the one on my bio's from here too aHA!!!!) and idk but I was slightly disappointed in the special episodes....meh.....
Sigh anyways I guess this is goodbye dots 💖

Things I'm grateful to descended from the sun(into my grave) for
1. Joongki's comeback and heaps of joongki content 💖
2. Letting me discover kimjiwon the legendary qt cheonsa 💗💗 (how have I never watched her other works ?!?!¡'!,?!😢) 3. 2 months of happiness
4. RLY rly rly rly beautiful osts and stills 💜
5. goOWON ASHDJAUudjaieidlxiu
6. Starting my migraine cycles again bc of staying up to watch the raws ☺️🔫
7. Mad clown & kim nayoung's beautiful ost ;A;
8.Being honestly confused if I was meant to laugh or cry through half the drama
9. xhisRISEjchsuKIMJIWONhssjsjRISEsk
& the goowon kids just filmed running man today omYYY YaYyyI haven't been this excited about running man in awhile !!!

“Oh my Venus”
; 오 마이 비너스 Episode 2

Truthfully, I'm still sad jiwon didn't take the role in moonlight drawn by clouds 😭 she would've been so good with bogum sigh... But I guess it's ok, I hope she picks another project soon bc I neeeedd more content hhh (I finished one sunny day & I'm not watching highkick or the heirs so 😂😂) And !! I actually haven't gotten past ep 4-6 in oh my venus? But it looks pretty good and there are lots of nice quotes from this so I might start it again soon idk...

“Page Turner”
; 페지터너 Episode 3

what is this ? two posts in a week? a month even ??? wEW I love sch breaks !! This quote really is quite depressing though HAHAHA
side note: I'm RLY loving my goowon pp :-)))))))

“Descendants of the Sun”
; 태양의 후예 OST Part 5
Mad clown & Kim nayoung

I was legit a disgusting mess watching 15 like I haven't cried so much and so grossly bc of a kdrama in so long zzzz bless me it's ending tonight :-( gna dig my grave now bye & good luck to everyone else too AHAHAHA

“ Descendants of the Sun ”
; 태양의 후혜 Episode 5

whooooo hello everyone !!
Okay BC I feel v guilty, I just hope you guys know this isn't really a fanpage, just an account for me to collect any quotes from kdramas that make me abajduuajzhfw and yeaaah there are lots of dramas I don't actually want to watch BC of an actor or actress(oops) and I'm very(rarely) active so I hope you're ok with that..(IDEK WHY IM SAYING ALL THIS HAHAHA)
aw man I wanted to post a quote from here for so long but everytime I watch this I like die and I can't even remember reading the subs anymore and it's so annoying bc I didn't have any great lines to remember the drama by. and ahdjskdna guys this is the real main couple ok joongki and hyekyo are just second leads HEHE KIDDING..joongki omg sO MANY MISSES FOR JOONGKI 강마루강마루강마루강마루 💕💕 oh my gosh there's too much love for this drama and I really really need to rewatch(🌚) and start writing down all the super good quotes 😭💖 OOH and chaewonnie's drama comes out next week !! I'm actually really worried BC dots is literally eating the ratings HAHAHA I really hope chaewonnie's will do well too BC chaeki for lyfe WHOohoo 💜✨
And I kinda changed the format and stuff BC yea the previous one just doesn't work 😂

❝yong pal❞ ; (💗💗)
; (Ithinkthiswasrequestedalongtimeagobutijustfoundthisinmycamerarollsoooo)
HAPPY 2k16 EVERYONE !! ☺️✨💗
I'm actually really excited for this year BC it means new drAMAS !!! 😂 (like joongki's and chaewon's, (otpPppp WHEEE) I really need new good ones ohmy.... I'll probably have to work really hard this year tho sighs but oh well have a great DAY EVERYONE WHOOOHOOO 😛💫
UPDATE: Drama requests open !!
since it's the new year YANO... If U feel like it you can request a drama that I don't really have on my ACC and I'll watch it and quote it for you OKey WHEW 😂😂😂🔫
and support @n.ayeons please hehe ☺️💖

❝the king two hearts❞ ;
- missing you like crazy by taeyeon ;
hello everyone !!! hehehee holidays have finally started yayay !! please recommend some dramas I should watch this hols !! Thank youuu !! dRama mARATHOn mode: ON ;
and support @n.ayeons please hehe ☺️💖

❝falling for challenge❞ ;
my pictures are never that HD to start off with but it gets so much more blurry after I add the text on weeeeps 😭😭
but hello again I'm really gonna try posting more bc school's ending in a week hOLLA 🌚🌚✨
(U should srsly charge me everytime I say this)
and support @n.ayeons please hehe ☺️💖

❝sassy gogo❞ ;
whoooohooo finally catching up on this !
This ssaem and eunji is love HAHAHA 💖

❝she was pretty❞ ;
ok I tried editing but uh yea HAA ....
I actually really really hate the fact that Hari left, though she's gonna be coming back at some point, but I treasure(d) their friendship much more than her relationship with sungjoon and I really just didn't want that to have happened..... SIGH

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