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Felt cute, might delete later ;)

@vxfooty was cool enough to film a small part for me in his new Redmond park edit :) Had a ton of fun filming this with ya dude! Bonus clips of @gabe__scott at the end of the 2nd clip! #83rdst #theedge #skateboarding #scramearthskii #friends #funzone #oldfart

Cilickity clack skipping over sidewalk cracks. #morningwood #skateboarding #notoedrag #cantstop

New beast! Some dude was gonna donate these to a value village but my buddy got the jump on them and we scored 4 cabs and an entire amplifier rack. My payment for helping retrieve them was these two of four massive cabinets! Ready to blow some doors down with these!!!! #peavyamps #towerofpower #fuckingstoked #doom #loudasfuck

Some snaps from @vxfooty 's new Redmond park video! Go check out the link in his bio! #83rdst #theedge #skateboarding #homies

Spent the morning running errands, finally got an oil change and found out I have way less miles than I had initially though. Haven't even hit 150,000 yet! Here's Marge next to my buddy Mike's 92 G20. #chevyg20 #largemarge #vanning #vanliving #keepontrucking

Maple didnt turn 7 today, like my dumbass thought orignally, but I will always remember the first day @minosbird and I got her on Haight street and it was pure love. The morning after we got her, we were walking through Golden Gate Park back towards Haight, and I was sick of carrying my skateboard, so I threw it on the ground and proceeded to kick it along in front of me. She for some reason, loved the board rolling along and jumped on it and stayed on for a couple seconds, and she was only 8 weeks old at that point. Knowing that she was intrigued by skateboards, I would take her skating everywhere. She would pull you while riding, ride the board, and pace along side when you were hitting hills, and she loved every damn moment as much as I did. Granted me and Mindy have moved apart in our own adventures in life, Maple is the one thing we still share and we will love her till the day she dies. Happy *not* birthday my little Maple (Meatball) Bluefoot. P.S. not sorry for the sappy dog parent post at all. #maplebluefoot #dogsthatskate #babygirl

Old photo of @dylanjohanson @missanastacialove , Jeff Falcon n myself drinking and having a jam someodd 5 years ago. This was a rad day. #jams #friendsinlowplaces #spacebag #music #buskbreak #streetmusic #hiddenwhiskey

I need this on the van asap!!!! #vanning #largemarge

Vid version. Not the best but I'm still having fun regardless. #skating #funzone #notserious

Learned a new one :) #skateboarding #funzone #dood

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