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Katya Bowser  Storyboard Artist. Superhero, cupcakes, cartoons and puppy lover.


Figure drawing dump!! It's been too long...

Head on over to @theperkynerd tonight for the spider sensation art show!! I have this piece in it. See ya there!

Melody is helping me work on my next gallery piece!

Fridays are for donuts

Started at Nickelodeon today✨✨✨

Super heroes gotta chill too.

Haven updated worth art in a while, so here is a super fast scrub through of a rough version of an animatic ive been working on! It's not supposed to be a loop, but it kinda works? Haha 😆

#storyboards #animatic #wip

😊 my turtle came out pretty cute 💕

Hey yallllll I have a private Instagram for non art things. Message me if we are mutuals (friends in person✌️) this account will be more art focused!

My twitch stream will return on June 19th!! Hope to see you there!

Why I don't make art anymore #momlife just to get this scribble down I endured multiple "climbing on mommy" sessions and tantrums.

Just a big old, dirty rust bucket. It's very intimidating to get back into the swing of things after not drawing in a while 😫

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