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‘Travel, because money will return but time won’t’

Late post, but spent last weekend up in Brisbane for a birthday and to catch up with friends. Some think I’m crazy for spending the money and all the effort just for a weekend, but the way I see it, you can’t put a price on time spent with good friends 🙌

Can’t believe it’s been 2 years already! Grateful for all the friends I’ve made and adventures I’ve been on because of this car, hopefully it’ll see the roads again soon.. Here’s a throwback to 2016 when I actually took it on long drives 😂

Pictures don’t do this justice at all, pure class... how about that domed crystal though 🤤
#orient #bambino #version4 #automatic

Something about military style watches I just love.. almost like a baby version of my #snzg15 🤔
#seiko #automatic #7s26 #snk809 #21jewels #seiko5 #japan

When we had working cars and life was good 🙃 Miss nights like this..

‘How come things move on, how come cars don’t slow?’

Couple of clips I found from a while back thanks to @domeniczattra ...those downshift crackles 🤤

‘No I’m not colourblind, I know the world is black and white’
May have been only 8 degrees, but there’s just something calming about letting the notes ring out in the open air in the dead of night.. #matonguitars #stopthistrain #midnight

The kind of Sunday you usually only dream about 🤤



Sometimes you just have to pack a bag, get on a plane, and go somewhere new 🛫

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