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300kg/661lbs x 3 Equal PB again at 80kg. 
If I don't wear my glasses I can't see my gains. 
Also, can someone ID this song, I hear it's going to go off at subculture, cheers.
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300kg x 3 Deadlift PB done prior to the 330kg pull at 80kg 👓 .
Had to stop between the reps to make sure my guts didn't come out of my mouth.
Tfw you train on an empty stomach.

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330kg/727lbs Deadlift @ 80kg PB

Overly hyped edit of peace.

This was after a 300kg x 3 PB which will be uploaded later here and on my YouTube channel

The Road to 350kg begins.

Cheers for the support from @thebarbellcrew 

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Tfw low key wide grip bench press comeback and subculture g up. 150kg 3x2 and a token 3 rep set at 80kg.
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Some 300kg pulls from this week @ 80kg.
There's a link in my bio to a 310kg pull I did where I throw up if you're a fan of
2 💃 1 ☕️. #roadto330 #edgyaf #straightedge
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Back to benching wide after a couple of months. 145kg for 3x3 working sets in the BBSleeve Prototype. No pain from my previous injury but currently harder than my closer grip bench due to lack of practice.
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Hoodie Pre-Orders Now Open.
Units are limited.
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This video features a few of the barbell crew guys
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For the full BTS video it's uploaded on my YouTube channel 📺


Also the winner for the competition is Sarth and a person of his choosing. They have been contacted and we will be running another competition sometime in the near future.

300kg/661lbs x 3 x 1 @ 81kg +🔥 edits. 
Felt like crap going into this workout with a bad headache, but managed these reps fairly easily.
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Tfw you're trying to get swole but deadlifts are on your mind 💭
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Am I hardcore yet
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PRGRSS DOC // 4-5-17 // 80.5KG
Making progress pics great again.
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