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Ken Block  Yep, I'm that guy. Rally, Rallycross, Gymkhana, Gymkhana GRID. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hoonitruck Build Biology on @thehoonigans YouTube:

Only 3 more days until Gymkhana TEN launches on YouTube!! Watch it on @TheHoonigans Youtube Channel this Monday, December 17th.  #GymkhanaTEN

Gymkhana TEN is launching on @TheHoonigans’ YouTube channel THIS MONDAY, December 17th!! Five cars. Five locations. Ten years in the making. #GymkhanaTEN #TheGymkhanaFiles

Only 4 days until Gymkhana TEN launches on YouTube!! Watch it on @TheHoonigans Youtube Channel this Monday, December 17th.  #GymkhanaTEN

Newest hoon machine in the fleet: my Ford F-150 Hoonitruck. So stoked on this thing. Hit the link in my bio to learn all about the build!! #FordF150 #Hoonitruck #GymkhanaTEN

*Link in bio!!* Full technical breakdown/walkthrough of my Ford F-150 Hoonitruck, now live on The Hoonigans’ YouTube channel. It’s dope to see how Detroit Speed built us a Gymkhana-specific vehicle, using all the knowledge and development we gained from previous Gymkhanas. Like interchangeable front/rear suspension arms, quick release front and rear chassis rails, and more. Hit the link in my bio to watch. #FordF150 #Hoonitruck #BuildBiology #GymkhanaTEN

Tomorrow - @TheHoonigans dive into every technical piece of my Ford F-150 Hoonitruck in ‘Build Biology’ on their YouTube channel! Detroit Speed absolutely killed it on this build, you won’t want to miss it. #Hoonitruck

Did you catch Gymkhana TEN in episode 8 of The Gymkhana Files on Amazon Prime? If not - it’s launching NEXT MONDAY, December 17th on @thehoonigans’ YouTube channel! #GymkhanaTEN

First snowboard shred with my dogs of the season! Do they look stoked?? #DCsnowboards #YukiTheDestroyer #BentleyChickenFingersBlock #ParkCity

My majestic snow dogs just chilling. They are much faster than me at “hiking" up the mountain. So, sometimes they just chill at the top and watch me struggle as I hike uphill through the powder. #theyreprobablydoglaughingatme #YukiTheDestroyer #BentleyChickenFingersBlock #ParkCity

There’s more things in common with these two trucks than you would think. More on that later this week via @FordPerformance. Full disclosure: one does better AWD donuts than the other. Ha. #FordF150 #Hoonitruck

Best ugly Christmas sweater ever?? Ha. I’m just stoked to have my Ford F-150 Hoonitruck on some holiday apparel, hauling a Christmas tree. Available now at #HooniganDOTcom. #uglyxmassweater #hoonitruck

It’s wild (but dope!) to see our “Documentary series about a YouTube video” on the front page of Amazon Prime Video, AND right next to an Emmy award-winning TV series! Kinda surreal, yet awesome at the same time. #TheGymkhanaFiles #Emmys2019??

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