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Kailey💋  📷

Repost: I’m super excited to announce this fall Lucas and I are officially moving in together! I will be moving to Ames for now, but it won’t be forever! Lucas and I will continue on with our education 😌 Extremely excited for the next step 💕

I’ve noticed people commenting about how ugly they feel about themselves because of what the scale says. Just a reminder you’re beautiful no matter what you weigh. I’m also guilty of this. Nothing wrong with being a size 0- or a 15, 18, doesn’t matter. You are what makes you beautiful. 💕 Happy Thursday.

Just looking back on my pictures.... the first picture was taken back in July. I was getting to the point where I wasn’t feeling comfortable with my body, hated the way I looked and I felt. The second picture was my most recent picture. From July to February, I’ve noticed I’ve lost weight ... 10 pounds to be exact! & felt a lot more confident with my body. I drink over 100 oz of water almost everyday, and I don’t eat as much as I used to, portioning out my sizes. My next goal is to get back into my walking exercises. Loving the way I look now!

Adulthood is being excited to purchase a new lamp for my bedroom... 😍

Can’t wait for what the future brings with you 💕

All that I’m after is a life full of laughter... 🎶

Day in the life @ the Shopes Farm!

Just a shout out to this girl from saving me for almost a whole week. Thank you & your family for letting me come over literally almost everyday to hang out and get my mind off stuff. You’re the best. ❤️ Oh, and I just love this picture of us

Happy Valentines Day to these two special people 😏😍❤️ PS- when one of your besties needs a Valentine, you step up and be her valentine 🤗 Love you both! Have a good day!

Words will never describe how much my heart is aching right now. I’ve known him & his family since the day I was born (literally) he was my neighbor for almost 20 years. So many memories cherished, staying out till 3 AM running around the town of Lincoln with our “Lincoln gang”. You & clay were my first friend, and loved being in the dirt because of you & your brother... you were always there when both of our families went through a hard time. I’m so proud of you when Paige came into the world & you were and always will be the best daddy to your little girl., Your family will take good care of her. I will miss seeing you on random nights at Sunnyside. You will forever be missed by many people, Cory. I will see you again someday.. 💕

Take me back... .Spring Fever 😪🌸🌼

Shout out to you, Lucas for always being there for me. And how awesome you are. ❤️

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