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Kayla Bloom  Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live Free 🌻Mama of two boys 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Desert Living in Vegas 🌵 Spread Love & Positivity 💫💕

🐶My dog lovers can relate 🐶

This reminds me of a jack russell I had when I was little.
His name was Mickey. He loved to escape the backyard and run beyond his limits! So much so, that he didn’t even care about the invisible shock fence.
He would run right through, give a little yelp, and keep on going! We should all live beyond our “gates” like Mickey did! ☺️

“Hey Blaize, say cheese!!” ...This is what I get. Both babies makin’ faces. 😂 #boymom

#realtalk I used to have body image issues and always struggled with feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin. 24 years later and after conquering pregnancy and birth, I now love my body and myself more than ever before! 💜 My body lets me experience life and create it! Amazing. I feel strong in more ways than one. 💪 I also feel this good because I fill in the nutritional gaps of my day with my superfood nutrition. It makes living healthy the easiest thing ever! 🙌🏻 Loving myself from the inside out has never been so effortless. I’m excited to continue my journey of self love, fitness, and health and welcome anyone to join along with me!! 😊

✅It’s convenient. ✅It’s yummy. ✅ It’s kid approved. Clearly a no brainer! #thebreakfastchallenge #breakfastofchamps #isafamily

📢 I took the dive into this AH-MAZING health and wellness company last year and it was one of the best decisions I ever made 🙌🏻🙌🏻 It changed my relationship with food and how I felt about myself in such a positive way. This is for anyone who is lookin’ for more convenient, high quality nutrition, that is simple and easy to use. Leave a comment or DM me and I’ll add you to our support page so you can check out the awesomeness. 😊👍🏻

Best picture out of the 20 that were taken. I’ll take it 👍🏻 Blaize must be tickled to stay still & smile. 😄 Have a blessed Easter weekend everyone! #myboys #momlife

Cruz is 2 months old! This little guy has made the perfect addition to our family. He loves: nursing, baths, and his paci. Dislikes: not being held 😬 Mama’s back hurts, but my baby is happy. I love this sweetie. ❤️

🔹(Super)food Appreciation Post🔹 I’m grateful to have convenient nutrition that I can make and scarf down in a matter of minutes. I have dishes to do, diapers to change and nobody got time to cook a breakfast with as many vitamins in it as my shake does☝️Nutrition doesn’t have to be difficult and time consuming! #superfoodnutrition #healthiswealth #investinyourself

So thankful for convenient superfood nutrition!! 🙌🏻 This guy has become more picky with what he will eat lately, but he loves his shakes! Little does he know, its packed with vitamins, minerals, greens, and an immune booster! It gives peace of mind to Momma and gives Blaize a happy, full belly. 😁 #superfoodnutrition #isafamily #healthylifestyle

Our 2018 started off with sweet Cruz joining our family and now he’s over a month old. We sure do love this little guy. P.S. Why do babies grow like weeds?! 🌿😳

This couldn’t be more true. 🙌🏻 For years, I felt like I was just going through the motions of life. I was letting life happen to me, instead making life happen FOR me. ✨ If you don’t feel any fear when doing something new, you are not challenging yourself enough. Being B R A V E & bold in your convictions and actions in life is truly the only way to live the life God has planned for you! That’s what I plan to do with my life, from here on out and forever. It’s time to achieve all I ever wanted! 😁 👊

Oh how precious the miracle of new life is. So thankful to God for this gift. ✨🙏🏻❤️ 1/22/18

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