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KBass  Advocate for kindness. Lover of breakfast all day. Mid-thirties, loving wife and mom to 3. Studying Anthropology (with plans to be a Sex Therapist).


New camera βœ…
New lingerie βœ…
New hairdo βœ…
New pic for you βœ…
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.... (continuation from previous post) Poem my 14 yo daughter wrote. .
Please read! (Tagging strong women, sorry if I miss you).
.**Do not use without permission**
...The eyes from behind the glass tell me that my face is a blank canvas
and that I need to paint it to be beautiful
because if I don’t, then I don’t deserve the space I occupy.
So I try
I make myself glow like the stars in the sky, but then someone in the hallways at school tells me
that the star I modeled myself after is dead.
They say that I don’t need makeup to make up for what I might be lacking
They tell me I try too hard, and all I want is attention
from the boys, the girls, the people from behind the glass,
watching my every move, waiting for me to make a mistake,
because I am a fish in a bowl.
People tap on the glass, expecting me to do the same thing as everyone else
but at the same time waiting for me to do something spectacular
No matter how I dress myself up, there is a consequence.
If I wear the latest trend, I'm basic
If I wear sweats, I am lonely
If I show skin, I belong on a pole
If I am a housewife, I am useless
If I’m childless, I’m heartless
If I get an abortion, I’m a murderer
If I’m raped, I asked for it
I am at a fork in the road, and no matter what path I choose,
I will leave with a label that I didn’t ask for
They tell me two different things, each ending in my humiliation,
and expect me to be grateful.
They tell me that my chains will make me stronger,
but in reality, they just drag me down
They have the nerve to tell me what it takes to be a woman
when they wouldn’t last out the front door in my heels
Confused, I return to my chains, pull the bag back over my head
and choose a path.

Long post, that I will share in two parts because it is so important to me. Please read! This is a poem my 14 yo daughter wrote. The theme of her poem is why I am KBass. (Tagging strong women, sorry if I miss you)
Please feel free to share your thoughts and I will pass them along to her. .
**Do not use without permission**
What It Takes to Be a Woman
As a teenage female, I constantly feel like I am in a cage.
In a cage at a zoo where judgemental eyes are always watching me.
There are hundreds of chains holding me down.
On my neck, my wrists, my feet.
On my mouth there is tape because if I speak my thoughts, I am too opinionated,
but if I say nothing, I am a pushover. I should learn to talk and not be afraid
of the greedy mouths ready to spit venom at me when I utter my first words.
So I swallow my words and my pride along with them.
The chains on my wrist remind me of how I need to eat more,
that I can wrap my fingers around the perimeter of my own limb.
But the chains whisper to me.
They say that I should eat, but not too much because then I won’t fit in them.
In my head I say that I don’t need the waistline of a princess to feel like a queen,
but the voices behind the glass say that I am not the queen of swagger or beauty,
but rather I am the queen of food and cellulite
I am the bearded lady that is forced into circuses,
Onto the sides of the streets begging for money because she isn’t pretty enough to be on the runway
There is a bag over my head, because if I show my bare face
then I obviously don’t care enough to preen myself for the boys around me.
For the potential lovers who demand for me to sing for them, to dance.
And then to stop because after all the time I’ve spent in my chains, under the bag,
I’ve forgotten how.
... (continued in next post)....

Do you listen to music when you clean? I do. Today I had my headphones in and I was singing (rather terribly) and dancing (also terribly) to my music. I'm very glad @mr.kbass_official didn't secretly record me and post it as "behind the scenes." Be sure to follow his page, you never know what stuff he's going to post that you won't see here. #bikinimodel #thong #thongbikini #sheer #shinybikini

Sometimes you have to take a #cellphonepic 🀷🏼#calvinklein #sheer #seethrough #lingerie @mr.kbass_official

Posted a new #throwback gallery with never before seen pictures. Check out my story to find out how to get ⚑10%⚑off. #bentbox #tulum #mexico #whitebikini #bikinimodel @mr.kbass_official

"Don't just be alive. Be a life that helps someone see hope in themselves. Never underestimate your superpower." -Zachry K. Douglas #bekind #zachrykdouglas #sheer #lingerie #lingeriemodel @mr.kbass_official

If any of you need an amazing photographer, I happen to know a guy. 😁 #hemakesmelookgood #shinybikini #sheer #bikinimodel #uncovered #thebikiniteam @mr.kbass_official

When you are supposed to be getting ready for your date, but first you gotta take a selfie. πŸ˜› #sexyselfie #picsformybae #tights #nylons #lacetop #seethrough @mr.kbass_official

For more candid photos and behind the scenes, follow @mr.kbass_official #seethrough #pierced #piercednipples #sheer
Credit to @mr.kbass_official : Crazy busy week and no weekend at all last week. @kbass2.0 and I are ready to just relax with some crown, coke, and a movie. What I get to lay next to every night is amazing!😍 #sexy #romperpajamas #crownandcoke #movienight #mymuse

This isn't the most flattering picture (hello double chin) but I love it because I know when my husband took it he was making me laugh. #findaguywhomakesyoulaugh #fitchick #bikinimodel #uncovered @mr.kbass_official

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