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AK 2nd letter  We have answers. #HGA

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...when I realized that most of my hateful critics didn’t want me to change. They wanted me to STOP. It freed me. Nothing I can do will make them happy...but nothing they can say will make me quit. #nochains ‬ ‪ (@BethMooreLPM paraphrase) ‬

Full video of when Keanu took a break from playing with creamers to hear “No chains” 🔥🔥🔥 Available now EVERYWHERE ⛪️ #HGA

New song & video “No Chains” available everywhere ⛪️ #HGA
Clothes 👉🏾 @nativesupply_
Production 👉🏾 @iggymusik @cardecdrums @westhewriter
Video 👉🏾 @josephjshaw
Art 👉🏾 @kevin.hackett

Midnight. One time for the free! Tell a friend the rebellion continues.

HBD king! Lead this brother to Jesus 11 years ago and Jesus lead me to my best friend for life. So proud of you brother let’s keep changing the world #HGA

HBD king @andymineo

Oh London! We coming. See you with my homie @guvnab next month. Get your tickets now 🙏🏿🔥⛪️

Next Wednesday (4/18) we speak again...#HGA
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You are never more alive than when you are ready to die for what you believe. And it is in that readiness that the world is changed. When I was child, even before I could read, I loved books. Though I couldn’t comprehend the words I would marvel over their pictures. Fiercely digesting every image and then promptly creating my own stories. It’s funny how I loved authors for their images even before I could understand their words. When it comes to Martin King, I hope we become like children. Before we can grapple with the significance of his words, may we see that his suffering, his perseverance, his sacrifice are pictures for us to marvel over. Perhaps even to create our own stories from them. Stories of love, stories of courage and stories of grace. Remember his quotes but also remember the cost. What pictures to sit with! They whisper of an even greater picture of love & sacrifice...

Tonight will make 51 shows in 3 months ⛪️ Looking forward to resting and restoring AND DROPPING NEW MUSIC 😫😫😫 C’mon man! Let’s work while we can 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

Why is the worst day in human history called good?
Because now the worst humans in history can be called forgiven... #goodfriday

Visuals and fashion for the family mañana. @nativesupply_ @reachrecords

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