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We can paint smiles on our faces and post photographs of beautiful things, but one never knows the actual thousand words behind either. I’m taking a social media break because at end of the day I can’t help others without taking care of myself. See ya’ll some other day.

Happy happy birthday from the Munki balloon and I. Love you little girls!! 💚 @reagantori520 @rtrabona7 #nieces #hbd #twinsandafatpup

Thank you @barkbox for this incredible moment ... he loves his buddies. #munkipup #barkbox

#tbt when you don’t wanna be back in that exact moment, but you wanna be at that place knowing what you know now. Way overdue for a mohonk hike.

On this day reminded me how blonde my hair was!!! Maybe bored of being brunette again.

Happy mommas day to the ones who gave me these beautiful nieces 😍 Hope you all ate lots of desserts today.

Food for thought: Some people are undisguised, you can see right in to them. Hearts on sleeve, they allow thoughts to flow out before the mind has time to sensor them, no harm intended but easily shattering little pieces of everything touched whether it’s something old and fragile or new stable untouched territory, tangible and intangible both being too weak for the kind of force this kind of human exhibits. Then there’s the masked. You think you see them for what they are, but reality is there’s an unbreakable guard in front of this person, a sort of shield whether they don’t want to let anyone in, or they’re afraid of what they’ll put out in to the world if they let themselves be open. Thing is, how do you tell the two apart before you’re in too deep? Before you give the masked the power to break you, or before you break the undisguised? #foodforthought

Finding a chocolate bar that you can squeeze in to your macro count because why not? Follow @kb_fitnutrition for some loop holes, and also fun nutrition facts and ideas!
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“Everyone, including you, has always done the best they could with what they knew at the time.” I saw a post with this quote from a girl I met in the DR who is so wise beyond her years, and it resonated with me so much today so I took this dumb selfie and posted this caption, for the people who actually read these things. There are a lot of mistakes I’ve made thus far in my life, and granted at any given time recent to the major events if you had asked me would I change them I wouldn’t have hesitated one bit to say yes. Reality is though, at all of those times I was true to myself, beyond honest, some may say too honest... so much to the point that I can’t truly say I’d change any of it for me. I never did wrong by anyone intentionally, and I always gave too much of myself and energy to things that didn’t deserve it, rather than not paying enough mind. But at the end of the day, I put my best foot forward though it wasn’t always pretty, and it wasn’t always appreciated or what seemed necessary. You learn. That’s what life is. A series of events that teach you, teach you to love, to deal with loss, to grow, to believe in things bigger than yourself. And you hopefully do your best with your circumstances and what you know. If you’re not doing just that, step back and ask yourself why. #foodforthought #crazyhair #motivate #motivation #motivator #fitness #getfit #fit #fitspo #fitfamily #fitnessinspiration #positivity #consistency #dedication #love #healthy #fitnessig #igdaily #photooftheday #fitnesseveryday #fitfam #health #lifestyle #active #instahealth

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