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Kaylah  cнrιѕтιan ❤мυммy вυdgιeѕ🐤 cooĸιng🍝 вaĸιng🍪 readιng📖 craғт✂️ anιмal croѕѕιng🐹 ѕqυιѕнιeѕ😃 polyмer clay👍 aυѕтralιa🌏 @daughter_of_the_onetrueking

Giraffes are so beautiful ☺️

Cotton-top Tamarins 😍 So cute!

Happy little Quokkas! These cuties are described as the happiest animals in the world 😃

Aww gorgeous little Meerkats ☺️

Adorable little Bolivian Squirrel Monkey 😍🐵

My little boy taking a good look at the pelicans 😊

In this photo you can slightly see Wang Wang the male Panda hidden behind the trees🌲 He was very busy munching on bamboo 😄

Beautiful female Panda, Fu Ni 🐼

Asian small-clawed Otters 😍 They were so cute!

Big yawn!

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