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Matt Kazuma Kinoshita  For 28 years, Kazuma Surfboards Hawaii has been shaping custom surfboards for the best surfers in the world. What would you do with a Magic board?


Just joking @dennis_jarvis, all my planers are for working. No props in my shop...... Vintage 1956 Skil676 in action.

Nothing beats the pure magic of handshaping with a classic planer. This one tool allows me to get exactly what is in my mind without any limitations or compromises.

Stopped in to talk to Grand Master Jeff Timpone about his new Maui Leaf Lite epoxy technology. Eco friendly eps epoxy with hemp, flax, basalt, carbon all made from start to finish by Jeff himself, what a special product.

This new design is so sexy.......... More curves everywhere......... 6'1" x 18.75" x 2.375" for "me"

Request of the day "please make a video on doing classic 50/50 noserider longboard rails" no problem, I just made a 6 minute video that I uploaded to the kazumasurfboards YouTube channel.

Shaping bare. Sometimes no vacuum and shooting foam everywhere is enough to change my shaping perspective which adds a bit of a challenge. Only problem is that I am stressing the morning cleanup.

A friend is flying into New York next week so I am whipping out these father/son boards and shipping them from Hawaii to have them waiting at the hotel room for their arrival. The benefits to having your own factory is being able to do ultra rush orders without any sweat. 6'1"x18.75"x2.31" Milkman and a 6'0"x20.5"x2.5" fish. Custom is really custom.

This piece of paper has been on the wall of my office for over 20 years. It is a quote from my teacher, Grand Master Ben Aipa. "it's not how many you have done, it's how well you do them" I have lived by that my entire career and it has always put things into perspective for me.

I really like this one, 6'5"x21"x2.625" 39L custom Step-up with channels. The proportions are perfect and every detail just fits together naturally. I didn't stagger the channels because I wanted to exaggerate the drive to match the power of the surfer.

I got a few US Blanks with appelcorestringers in last week's batch of blanks and really like the way they look. The colors "pop" and they plane down nice and clean without tearing or chipping. One important observation is that they have a little more flex than my normal 4mm ply stringers so I might have to play with the fiberglass a little to get the combinations right.

Shaping on a Sunday (and holiday) is all good if I am finished before the family wakes up. 1 hour and 37 minutes left in my work day.

I couldn't start my afternoon shaping session because the morning mess was bothering me. A clean room sets me up to do better.

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