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Matt Kazuma Kinoshita  For 29 years, Kazuma Surfboards Hawaii has been shaping custom surfboards for the best surfers in the world. What would you do with a Magic board?

Micro grom board, 4'7"x16.7"x1.8" There is a huge benefit to running a high volume business, many more opportunities "to stop and smell the roses" instead of running on autopilot, I am always thinking about how I can do things better and more efficiently. Finding motivation like this makes me want to go to work every morning.

One way to add your rocker that is quick and accurate. Works great with an unmodified planer also.

Here is a secret. Many rockers work but there are time tested curves that are guaranteed to work. From this base things really get interesting because the sum of all the parts is what really makes a board good or bad. How many different combinations of rocker, thickness, deck dome, rails etc? .

Getting exactly what I want from the blank is easy with this simple little Microplane Surform blade. This hands on feeling makes me super happy to work.

Should have been home for dinner 13 minutes ago but this one just won't let me finish. I never forget what my teacher Grandmaster Ben Aipa would tell me "it's not how many you have done, it's how well you do them" i would rather miss a deadline than pass off work that I am not proud of.

Strip down every step to the basics. My factory has the most sophisticated cnc machines but nothing beats the efficiency and simplicity of creating with the basic hand tools, my mind and hands.

Pair of contest boards for team rider, super grom @tonyknunez

I love this shape, "Loneranger" it is another one of my board models that has a name that makes no sense. When I developed this model, it was working so well for the team that I thought it was the perfect one to create a model name to poke fun at the industrys change to set models. (no thanks to China mass production) When people order a board from me, the "model" is just a guide because a custom board is one that is designed to fit you, the waves, your needs and abilities. If I could, I would go back to generic models (like shortboard, mini tanker, longboard, fish etc) and have the customer order exactly what they want. Unfortunately those days won't come back.

Working late... Why? Because I have a lot of employees that rely on me for their work to feed their families. If I don't work, they don't eat but the food chain goes even deeper than this. From my local materials supplier to the lunch shack next to my factory to my local retail shops, most of the dollars that make up the purchase price of my surfboards is cycled right back through my local economy.

People think my chainsaw is a joke but there is nothing better to cut through 5 inches of eps. So fast with an a maitre and square cut.

The 2 minute vacuum setup. I just wanted to show that it is possible to setup and run a quick vacuum system. It's a miracle for those shaping in their garage...... Try it, your wife will thank you.

Disinformation is being spread by a big manufacturer to sell a particular "futuristic" product. This morning I put a rough video on my kazumasurfboards YouTube channel to show how little waste there can be when shaping traditional pu blanks and how easy it is to achieve zero waste shaping . If environmentally conscious manufacturing is what you want, we do not have to look outside the way that boards have been built for the last 50 years. What am I selling? Nothing, just a balancing perspective to counter what we are being told by the big surfboard brands. Btw, I am not an eps hater, I make and sell eps /epoxy boards and have been for a very long time.

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