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Matt Kazuma Kinoshita  For 28 years, Kazuma Surfboards Hawaii has been shaping custom surfboards for the best surfers in the world. What would you do with a Magic board?


Hitachi planers? The one point that I need to make is that the tools do not make a magic board, it is the hands and mind of the shaper. From basic hand tools to hi tech cnc, at the hands of a good shaper, the finished board is the same regardless of the tools used to make it. I can tell you that even in my cnc world, a bad shaper can ruin a perfect cnc shaped board.

Skil100 7.5 or 5.5? I finally got around to making the comparison clips to answer the many questions I get on which is better. I also threw in the old Skil 190 and even older 676 just for fun. Bottom line is the older the version, the better it feels in the hand. The benefit to the newer 7.5 (heavy duty in this video) is that it revs up faster so cuts cleaner if you don't have perfectly sharp blades. Oh and the 5.5 amp old versions are much cheaper to buy since people think they are not as good as the 7.5

Rail bands with a razor knife. A clip from today's no tools real handshape YouTube video.

The no power tools real hand shape video is finally uploaded to my kazumasurfboards YouTube channel. There are a lot of secrets in that video and I think everyone will be surprised at how accurate the no measuring method can be in the very end when I double check everything

I just shaped myself a board without power tools. Why? Because I can. I used 4 simple hand tools . I am uploading the entire 30 minute shaping video to my kazumasurfboards YouTube channel just to show that it is really possible. *this is only a generic surfboard and i would never actually give a board like this to anyone. It would take me 4 hours, not 30 minutes to properly measure and whittle the foam away to a perfect, planned and numerically accurate shape. At the end of the video, it is surprising to see how accurate a no template shape is.

This is all it takes to make a board that I have never seen in real life. Another shaper from far, far away, emailed me the outline template, rail templates, spec sheet to recreate his most popular shape. Yes I could just get his cad file and machine cut it but that would be boring. Copying a board by numbers is actually really easy and getting it to that magic +- 1/8" tolerance is never much trouble.

New toy. This is why the Skil 100 is the best surfboard shaping planer that you can buy, they work perfectly right out of the box. This one is over 35 years old and was an ebay find that is in nearly new condition. The video clip is straight from the box and into the shaping room.

Digitizing one of my son Chaz's handshapes. He will use the computer file to have US Blanks custom cut eps blanks so that they are extremely close tolerance which reduces shaping waste (and his costs) by a huge margin.

Rare 1967 Gambles planer in action. It's amazing how good vintage tools are. Anyone ever seen one of these rare classics? *these have a set front depth so not very good for shaping surfboards but is very capable to get the job done

Morning shapes done so it's time to play with a rare 1967 Gambles planer. *these have a set front depth so not very good for shaping surfboards but is very capable to get the job done.

Last one for tonight. 7'6"x21"x3" Mini tanker or big boy performance board.

Softer wing triple wing swallow. This feature needs careful thought of the tail area to get right. 5'10"x21"x2.5" volume? Doesn't matter because it will fly once you are on the wave.

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