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Matt Kazuma Kinoshita  For 28 years, Kazuma Surfboards Hawaii has been shaping custom surfboards for the best surfers in the world. What would you do with a Magic board?


Just to clarify, I don't have anything against cnc machines. I have them and love technology but I absolutely believe that credit and respect must be given to those who choose to shape at the highest standards by hand. There is a ton of misinformation out there about cnc being better than handshaping etc, I can honestly tell you that a good handshaper is every bit as accurate and you get the benefit of knowing that your board was crafted by someone using one of the rarest skills on this planet. Handshapers built this industry and a handshaped board from a master shaper should be the most prized and valued product that we can buy and ride.

I decided to really challenge myself this afternoon, this shaping stuff is easy.. .. (this is just a joke)

Let's start the day off with adding Vee to the tail of a performance longboard. I like to accelerate the vee off the tail and nothing beats the planer for this.

Finished product, my sanders custom small wave experiment. 5'9"x 21" x 2.6" with the tail channels and deep concaves. He set it up as a Twinzer as well as a what and tri fin option. Today he used it as a quad and yesterday as a twinzer, so far so good in less than 1 foot surf.

Sunday morning epoxy. It's 6:26AM and I should be finished glassing but this Vectornet takes some serious babysitting and slow epoxy takes forever to harden.....

So my sander walks in and says "I want to try something new. Shorter, wider, with this tail, deep single concave to double concave And these deep channels" no problem I said, I am glad that you finally accept channels 😊5'9"x21"x2.6" 33.6L yet to be named model....???

"Who do you make boards for?" this is a question I am never asked and I wasn't sure how to answer because everyone I have ever shaped for throughout the world is special and amazing so I simply said "more people than I can count" truth is that I am most proud that practically every star that came out of Maui was not only my rider but also one that I started coaching from nothing to Superstar. Nothing to something. I added this just to show some of the amazing talent that comes from the small island of Maui.

Quick clip of how I use my drum sander. Lots of requests for me to show it in action and this pov angle is new. It makes beautiful curves and a really clean finish which is easy to finish off.

Pov FCS2 route. Just wanted to see if I could pull off a Pov clip.

It's hard to believe that this is the 24th year of doing this keiki contest. Coming up on June 3rd. The names of talent that I have seen develop because of this once a year free contest would blow your mind.

So much interest in my marking tools so here are a few more that I use daily to help me get beautifully accurate results. I prefer handmade tools like these because they make me have a deeper connection with my work. .

I am not ashamed to say that reference lines helps me shape better. (especially when I need to take 3/4" off to form my bottom shape)

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