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KAYLEE  1997 | 615 | ttu smile with the rising S U N ☀️

Sorry for the time I threw a pool ball at your face when I was 11, and for throwing your George Strait CD out the car window when I was 15, and for laughing every single time you cry (let’s be honest you do cry a lot). (: I’d apologize for all the other things I’ve done to you l, but tbh you deserve it hehe

it’s only my 3rd day out here, ion know 👀

bowling and jamming to Planez like it’s 2015, and we love life again 👀😴✈️🔙 (also taking suggestions for a better rap name for @lacy_huffman below👇👇)

I know you try your best, but it’s not like us😶 #wow
Would you believe I’m actually the goofy one ? 🤪

S U M M E R T I M E • F I N E ☀️ // swipe to see me jumping to conclusions 😛

My Sista Sista is home for the summerrrrr ☀️🌻 // Next time she goes back to school, I’ll be going with her 🐠🐢 #MyExitBuddy — On another note, I have a college degree (: 🤓

How to help your Grandma cook Christmas dinner (: #HappyHolidays #StayLit

If I take you outta tha picture, I know real sistas won’t miss ya 😉😴💀

@theweeknd 🙈💕

I love ya like a fat kid loves cake 🙈💕

Did ya know that New Zealand is the most free country in the world? 🙃🇺🇸 #LandofThe23rdMostFree ❤️💙

Always remember to take care of our wonderful home!🌻Happy Earth Day 😊🍃

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