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It started from my previous post ⬆ ✔If Masters is what you want
Start searching for schools and start compiling your documents Now! #Recommendation Letters (you need to start meeting some lecturers Now!) #GRE/TOEFL/IELTS , #motivation Letter. However with this step I'll advise you take your time and do some research on the course you wish to master in. You need to be sure there's a market for it such that if you don't get employed you can still survive on your own. Many go for masters just cause it's better than staying home forgetting that after masters you'll still need to be an 'after school pro' meaning you'll still have to hustle for a job or start something. So make sure you plan before taking the big step.
✔If service is what you want to do well I don't know much on that cause in Cameroon we don't do that. However I do know that for you to get a good placement you should have started hustling on that already.
Well for some lucky people family/marriage is their next step. However with this too you need to Plan!
To conclude I'll congratulate you all once more and encourage you to
#start searching for your purpose in life , #keep in touch with as many people as you can (you never know who will receive you when you knock on a door tomorrow) , #keep your hustle game strong (i mean let your hustle be on point!) , #read your Bible more, #register for a short course (Autocad, web design, leadership ..) #keep doing what makes you happy, #invest in your self , #try new things, #learn a new language #go somewhere new #become a Makeup artist or a #model if you want to #find a support System (someone who understands completely and you can always run to in time of need) #meet new people and network with them. @50 I see how you keep flooding my tl if that's what makes you alive keep doing it! @japhet you once mentioned you wanted to polish your culinary skills if that's still the case then do! #now is the time to work on those skills you have #use what you have to become who you want to be!
In everything #Think #Prepare/plan #Act. Life is beautiful trust me don't waste the time you have now and regret later. #live #love #laugh

To all Final Year Students of UMaT. I hope this letter finds you well.
It has as objective to:
✔ Congratulate you ✔ Encourage you ✔ Congratulations
I'll like to congratulate each and everyone of you for arriving at the finish line. Regardless of how you arrived or what condition you arrived in I still congratulate you. Four years in UMaT is no joke but just as the saying goes nothing good in life comes easy. I can feel the joy you feel right now cause I was in your shoes a year ago. On this days after all the noise , (blasting, loud music) , the pictures, autographs, the hugs, the congratulations and the tears, while having some alone time in my room (room 208 :) ) I asked myself What's next? This is the question that will haunt you the most (you'll ask yourself this question a couple of times , your friends, parents, loved ones, subordinates and superiors will ask you this question) and when it comes don't ignore it but rather try to answer it. You might not have the answer immediately but always find something to say when it pops up. Most times Masters, getting a job or Service is the answer for many (All these require ample PLANNING!!) however before masters or Service there's always a break where you'll have so much time at your disposal but will have nothing to do if you don't plan for 'after College' ✔ Encouragements

Yea I need to do this in my own little way cause there are so many things we learn from school and yet many at times we leave school feeling empty (sometimes we start regretting why we went to school..lol). Well this is because school teaches us to be experts in the Professional/Corporate field but school doesn't teach you how to be a *World/Life Expert which is why you have to use all your skills gained in school (your social media expertise as well ;)) to become pros after school.
If getting a job is what you want to do ✔Start Applying now (get your CV ready Now! Not after graduation but Now cause opportunities come at any time) , get on LinkedIn ,Search online and start disturbing that Uncle or Aunty of yours that has some connections 'you know what I mean' 😏. 'to be continued'

Check my previous post ⬆

Well let me add this.
With me Masters was my answer at some point till I missed out on my Scholarship dates (now I know it happened for a good reason cause I would have gone for masters without really studying the job Market and eventually going in for what I really 'needed' and not what I 'wanted'.
I revised and updated my CV before I left campus (about this time) and I started applying for jobs then but till date I haven't been called for a job interview or even an internship. (However don't let this break you, People are different :) so if the job is what you really want make sure you get it).
So where did my planning lead me to? It lead me to my plan B!. I told myself if #plan A doesn't work I'll move to #planB. So I'll once again encourage you guys to start planning Now! Remember your future is in your hands! You need to start taking action for your life.
With much Love
Karine 💖😘 P.s if you're finding it hard to get something doing think of #signing up as a volunteer , check out #Yali , #UN, and register , follow @sheleadsafrica inspiration. Life after school is #Tough but you need to tell yourself and also prove that you're #tougher 💪. Don't say there are no jobs o. Don't add up to the unemployed graduates o 😜. If you think there are no jobs think of how you can create one rather than complain.

Are you in #Douala and have you decided to take that life changing decision of living and eating healthy, But don't have the time or strength to keep up? I can hear all the Yes' in the house.
Well well you're just lucky cause #urbanfruitsandvegetablemarket is here to serve you with #fruitsalad #salad #wholefruits #wholeveggies at your door step. How to reach them?
Call: 666412359/ 652762208
Whatsapp: +237666412359
Igdm: @urbanfruitsandveggies_ufvm
Facebook: urban fruits and vegetable market. #businessincmr #cmr #irepcamair #237 #healthyfood
#healthyeating #cookingmadeeasy

Thank me later 😊

So true!!! It took time for me to realize who I was truly and what my gift was. When I realized what my purpose on earth was, I knew I had a huge task to complete. It got me scared cause I could feel it was bigger than the physical me but I didn't ignore it cause I knew I was rolling with #God.
Self discovery is a journey I never thought I'ld venture (cause to me it was just bs) until the latter part of my final year (in #2016 ) when I started asking myself #whatsnext. This journey has crafted my ever #positive #thoughts , my way of living and also helped me plan my life and prepare for my future as well as boost my self confidence. #dontbeshytosearchinsideyou #youwerebornforareason #dontignoreit #forgetaboutthechallenges #forgetaboutyourpainpast #focusonyour #goals #focusonyourfuture #givereverencetotheLord #Heisable #life #happychild #changeadvocate

Happy birthday boo My Temi ❤ .God bless you . #dontgowild today 😉 #drinksnotonme 😄😝 #happybirthday #happynewage

#climatechange. It is a global problem so it doesn't affect just me but it affects you and every single person on planet earth. The good thing is we can all stand together to fight this problem. First step is knowing what the problem (i.e #climatechange) is, then you'll know how it affects you, myself and our environment and final step is finding solutions to it.
N.B: (you can learn more on climate change by spending some few minutes on the Yali website)

Creating awareness is in a way solving the problem cause the more people know about it and its adverse impact on us and our environment the more people would want to stand together to create tangible and sustainable solutions.
Take it as a responsibility to care for your environment, be aware of how you Dispose of Your waste. There are so many things we can do in order to stop global warming with/without the help of our local government.

We can all thrive to make our community, our country, our continent and our world a better, safe and cleaner place.

Don't blame global warming on anyone but blame ourselves for not taking climate change personal, blame ourselves for not fighting it.

Let's all come up with solutions to solve this problem, let's stand together for a good cause. #changealwaysbeginswithyou #itbeginswithme #theresnosolutionwithoutyouandi #YALIGOESGREEN #beagreenchampion #Yali

Yeaayyyy it's 2017 people. 2016 has come and gone. it had it's ups and down but now they're all in the past. Wow #366 days of #2016 are in the past I still can't #believe it. I better do before it's too late though 😁😉 #2017isthenewpresent #let'sliveinthepresent. #happynewyear 🎆🎇🎇🎇.who's excited about #2017 like me?? I learned a lot in #2016 can't wait to #discover what's hidden in #2017 😊😊#thankGod for #life #thankGod for a new year. #Happy newyear 😘😘😘😘

The #three #simple #rules. It is hard sometimes to follow them but when you try and succeed to follow them, you start seeing a lot of things differently. #Godbless #happyvibes #threeLs #changeadvocate #lastdaysof2016

For #aestheticpurpose #happy holidays #merrychristmas #star #peace. Thank #God for life #25122016 🎆🎇🎆🎇✨

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