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Kaytee (KT) McArthur  NWCC AG Business & Pre Vet

My chick bad, my chick hood, my chick do stuff that your chick wish she could 🐣#RealestOnMyTeam

do what makes you happy

Now that this journey has ended, I guess I could do my best to sum up what Delta Academy really was to me. It was a 2nd home (even thought I spent more time there then at my own home), it was a place full of love (sometimes anger but mostly love), it was a support system (whether it was from someone in the bleachers or the person beside you in class), and most importantly it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Delta brought so many amazing people, faculty & students, into my life & they will always hold a special place in my heart. As much as I complained about this place, I promise I would do anything to relive senior year one more time, play another softball game or basketball game, sit at the lunch table with my class, sit in the office and talk to Bev about what happened that day, write another journal, to put down the floor and set up for another event, or just even open up my locker again. This place helped shape me into the person I am today & I couldn't be more grateful for it. It may seem like nothing to walk the halls everyday but one day, I promise you'll miss it. The things you take for granted now are gonna be the things you'll miss the most. Sure am gonna miss this place. #ForeverARaider

A good time was had by all‼️ #OBHereWeCome #Bestie #USA #WTF

We may be dysfunctional, but somehow.. we made it. #StressedButBlessed #alumni #DELTA #ForeverARaider

Make sure y'all come watch the crew do their thing tm night!! #PickingUpChairs #PuttingDownChairs #GrabTheHats #DisperseTheHats #Slaves #GetYelledAtForNoReason

At the end of the day, you can not control what other people think or say about you. #LetItBe

best defense really means you had 3 or 4 fouls at halftime every game but managed to not foul out 😁 #42 #15

You may just see a coach and his players, but to us it's a lot more. Coach finnie will never see this post, but he'll also never know how much he means to us. Ever since the day he started working with us, he's impacted our life more than he will ever know. He's been there from start to finish. He literally had to teach us everything (and just complained a little.) He's felt the heartbreak over a big loss and the satisfaction of a big win with us. He's been our biggest fan and the biggest motivator (sometimes) and I could not thank him enough for doing all he's done for us over the many,many years at Delta. Every practice, he bettered us, whether we realized it or not or cared to see it. Every game, he tried to see the best, even though there usually wasn't much good (but bob always found 1 positive thing.) No doubt we were not the dream team, but I wouldn't change a single thing. Im very thankful for him and the girls in this picture, and they'll never know how much they really mean to me. #sweetcaroline #ForeverARaider

1 more school day!! y'all won't have to see these post anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #DontCare

Bit of light and a touch of dark 🌗 #2MoreSchoolDays

You see her confidence is tragic, but her intuition magic 🌻 #3MoreSchoolDays #IfYouKnowThisSong #BeMyFriend

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