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kayley  I like books, food, yoga, scotch, corny jokes, odd numbers, & the moon. I believe in critical thinking & empathy. I'm trying to be a better listener.

It only took us six months to set up our playroom... I mean living room. 🤗 And by “we” I really mean @bpbarry, househusband extraordinaire. #celebratoryhandstand

This flower reminds me of how I feel every morning when I try to convince myself not to sleep in another hour past my alarm.

When your friends visit from Alaska, you figure a hiking day trip is a must. The real MVP is @alpeach for trucking it without even being able to smell the wildflowers (or really, breathe in general). Tschüss Switzerland!

Today was a nice reminder to go into experiences with an open mind and sense of adventure. In spite of variable weather, we enjoyed a guided alpine ridge “peak to peak” hike with good company, and got lucky with a few glimpses of Lake Lucerne along the way. Life is often what we make of it. Enjoy the photo reel. (Also... Family and friends, come visit B and me while we still have easy access to these gems!) #echotrails #optoutside #nofilter

“B, look at this! Did you get me in the shot?”

Happy 4th from Luzern!

Dear Sydney,
I just spent all night trying to send cute photos of us from our Cape Town trip from my computer to my phone just to have the picture quality end up extra crappy. (And all while I should be packing.) So I’m blessing the world with this photo instead since it was already on my phone for some reason. I’m sure when I asked our parents to let me wear make up like you I wasn’t expecting to get such full coverage. But what can I say, you were always and still are my role model and sometimes I fall a little short. Thanks for setting the standard, even if that meant testing the limits first and somehow getting me in trouble instead. Thanks for always being the brave one (despite what people think of me in uniform, and especially that one time I was too afraid of Santa to ask him for presents so you did it for me). Thanks for always being the best support. Thanks for making me love the rain. Thanks for hanging out with me even when I dressed up as a scary clown for Halloween. Happy Birthday. Love you. - Kayley ❤️

Who would’ve thought a 10K hike through rolling hills with stops to taste prosecco and food on Sunday would turn into a very slow moving work day on Monday. 🧟‍♀️ #canevando2018

I feel like I’m in a Thomas Kincaid painting. #bathroomviews

“The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.” - Michelangelo .
A lesson in art and life.

Blue sky, green gras... water. Old bridge. #lookhere #lifeisgood

Look at this world, its yours. 👉🏼 Look at these people, they’re you.

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