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kay  en arche en ho logos.🕇 #Wnderlust | FE 16 p.s.


also, months ago today we defy the law of time and space to love. I thank God for you... cheers for our wonderful adventures to come 🍷
love you, @pete.rsam :)

Happy 16th birthday bro. keep being awesomee. Keep moving forward. You are the best.
Please don't smoke dandelions because you might choke on the fluffy spherical seed heads' florets. We love you. - ur sis who aspire to be the first one to say 'happy birthday' to you in ur sweet sixteen 🎂 @michaelcesiahaan

I'm dead... and at the end!

Dead Leaves (1956) by Remedios Varo, a Spanish-Mexican woman para-surrealist painter and anarchist. First time I got to knew with her paintings is in 2016, when I searched for Saint-Saëns work (a music composer) and they used her paintings as the track artwork. I never really know her until today. I'm glad that I found her and that she's a woman surrealist painter. Her paintings have unique "souls" that I cannot explain, maybe by her ideas and techniques, make surrealistic ideas more subtle but still intriguing. This painting is one of the first paintings by her that I know. I'm always interested to see more both about her work and her biography.

#remediosvaro #womanpainter #surrealism

100% truly candid photo taken by my mom in one random night


even blackout can be romantic. #pln123

Same old corner, but with a guy, sitting there reading Anna Karenina, with his backpack beside him as he was waiting for a girl named Karen.

smooch and smile for abang @pete.rsam 🌻

Salvator Mundi - Leonardo da Vinci. circa 1500.
"Salvator Mundi" is Latin phrase meaning "Saviour of the World", which is Jesus Christ, with His right hand raised like that (in sacred paintings it describes blessing) and his left hand holding an crystal sphere.
For me personally, aside from sfumato techinque that Da Vinci did best, I am very fascinated with the crystal sphere. The usage of crystal and the orb-shaped is something to explore, eventhough I haven't done any thorough research of this and contextual meaning of the painting.

From my first glance, I know that orbs are common picturized in Papal or Monarchical portraiture paintings, but I haven't connect it to the date of when this tradition started. Personally I found the orb is explaining the title "Salvator Mundi" itself, showing that at that time Da Vinci claimed also that the World is round, orb-shaped, and the orb is showing the "World is in His Hand"
I'm open for this masterpiece discussion, and fyi, This painting was sold $ 450,312,500 (which is IDR 6,529,531,250,000) which makes this the most expensive painting ever to be sold.
#art #renaissance #amateur @arthistoryfeed

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