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Karen Siahaan  en arche en ho logos.๐Ÿ•‡ #Wnderlust | FE 16


Sunset yang Tulus

Trying so hard to feel grateful instead of getting OCDs of how our feet were not symmetrically in the centre of the building
I think this shot is miraculous because of two things: How I accidentally get this beautiful blur with phone camera and how I "accidentally" met the owner of the red converse shoe.

Sometimes, we are too familliar with beauty that we've become numb. "It's just another day to see that lights and buildings and traffic," said ourselves in our hearts, often with stressful faces and tired souls.
Sometimes, all we need is to be a "local tourist". They may be the same lights and buildings and traffic, but try to take time observing and sensing all those things with wonder and curiosity until somehow, they become somewhat beautiful, and you start to realize that you love the view, not because it's amazing from first glance, but because you take time to realise, that every part of your ordinary may be something extraordinary... and that's the true spirit of an adventurer.

Simple stroll, magical talks

Once upon a time at a lovely corner


night lights, scarf, sneakers, chamomile tea and bougenvillea flower :) me likey thx mom best night everr

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Conspiration of the Bataves

Letter-writing chambers for nobody and everybody at the same time.

"The best way to stop aging at soul is to act like kids."
"More like, bubble wars."


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