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(KayDee0n)  Mother of the cutest boy ever!💖 🙏 Lover of laughing😆 dancing💃 traveling✈⛵ Fluffy,fat,plussize Jamaican Gyal #Naturalista #curls&curves by the lb

Oh how I love their bond😍 Here for the weekend and Ethan cried when he had to say goodbye😢😢 ...it is our duty to keep them close, make lasting memories, and coparent

#solmiami ahhh! It's always a great time when Miramar high link up. lol #classof97...Sigh, it's Monday, but I am still posting weekend pics😥 @luvshani @supatate_stulla @mpresslou @iamdjcnice #firetooclosetomyface🔥 thank you to #gabifresh and for this swimsuit held up these tatas👙

Pool party!!!!! #solmiami

Oh sure Baby you can wear the rainboots aunty Goddy bought you. Why not?! But umm heller!!! we need to go to school bwoy😥😣 hurry up lol.
Just a thought🤔, in the midst of rain, one can still smile and have fun. Always stop and play in puddles, why not? Time⌚ waits for no one. #toddlerlife #likkledumplingmemories #iwantthesameboots #heisallwet😑 #thankuBFF😘

Ok Everyone! friends, family , Facebook acquaintances, it's Ethan's burrfday!!!🎂🎈🎉 ...oh how he brings Omar and I great joy👪

I feel like when I gave birth everyone warned me about teething, terrible twos, and tantrums...but NO ONE warned me about TIME Flying😣😥 Our likkle dumpling continue to grow and explore 😘

OMG!!!! best field trip ever to Disney on ice on our baby boy's burrfday🎉🎂🎈 #heis5yrsoldnow🖐 #memorieswithEthan #likkledumpling

#tbt to my 30th when I took a trip that I will never forget EGYPT!!!... rode a camel 🐫and conquered my fear
#blackgirlstraveltoo #travelwithfriends 👭

Take me back Thursday #tbt ...working to do it all over again😥

It isn't about religion but humanity 🙇🙇🙇

Drum line live with my Bff

SWIPE ➡ way back Wednesday😂 lol but not really ...look at the views 👀
Ahhhh twas a wonderful bday trip. At work trying to plan another🤔 ...oh and yes my purse had quite a few photoshoots😉👜 #blacktravelista #blackgirlstraveltoo

Yup he belongs to me... can you tell?? Lol #thatshisspanishdance💃 #toddlerlife #thisisoursong♪

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