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(KayDee0n)  Mother of the cutest boy ever!💖 🙏 Lover of laughing😆 dancing💃 traveling✈⛵ Fluffy, plussize Jamaican Gyal🇯🇲 Serving you curls&curves by the lb

Summa chronicles with this dumpling
While daddy is at work and big bro not here yet, we will make our own memories. #evergladesholidaypark #seeulateralligator🐊 #Iwasnotholdingthatthang😝 #hewantstogoagaintomorrow #thewaymycoinsaresetup No lol ...then we found ice Cream #cream wait!!! My nails tho @sashaniegraynails 💅 **Quick note if you are interested in going and you did not get your tickets on Groupon but you have a Triple A card, DISCOUNT!!!! ... do not pay full price

Summa chronicles with our likkle dumpling. Sunday brunchin and water taxi adventure. HIS SMILE 😁 does it for us all the time. #likkledumplingmemories #itookanapontheboat😪 #watertaxi🚤 #toddlerlife

Bouquet 💑 #campbarino

Oh yeah we celebrate even before the pins fall lol🤣😂🤣 all 3 of them😑 #likkledumplingmemories #Iamtirednow #bowlingfieldtrip2017🎳 #hisvictorydancethough

Summa Camp ... WHY, are we here at 9:30am and our bowling time is at 11am😥😣🤔 #likkledumplingmemories #fieldtrippin #howmanymorefieldtripsdoIhavetodo

Tis the season😋... who else need help with their mango tree?🤔
#icaneatmangoesallday #Jamaican🇯🇲
#iwillstealthemoffthetree #theonlytreeiwillclimbotherthanO😉

Sigh of relief!😥 I have only 5 minutes to say Happy Father's day pop. Nothing posted on here is a painted picture of perfection but merely a work in progress. Those who know me, this finally happened.😍

So all I can say is thank God for my baby fada, homie lover friend, Omar. Who else would teach Ethan such survival skills? ... for instance.

Me: Ethan, stay in the car while mommy load the food in the trunk. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!
Ethan: ok mommy.
Me: Ethan why is the window down?
Ethan: Mommy you told me not to open the door, so I peed in the chocolate milk box. Then I poured it out, why the window was down. 😑😒😔👏
Ahh sah!!! Happy Father's Day my love and to those who are present in their child's life. And an extra one for mothers who had to step in and play both roles.👏👍

Making the best of this Monday ugh😥 #stillgrateful #needmotivation #willgetitdone

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