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(KayDee0n)  Mother of the cutest boy ever!💖 🙏 Lover of laughing😆 dancing💃 traveling✈⛵ Fluffy Jamaican Gyal🇯🇲 All u can call me is Fat?🤣 #uinsecure🖕🏾

This guy!!! I had the flu but was able to get up and come in time to cut cake with the bestie. Happy birthday @biggs_fbs_1of1 😝. Wishing you many blessings my friend. Happy New Year 🍾🥂🎉. You are surrounded by love and family and close friends keep it that way.

Ahhh my nine best 2017 on IG😍😍😍😍 ... one thing that remains consistent is I still have no body issues, my men love all of me👍🏾😉. Thanking God for all the blessings and tests. No one really ever shows a bad day on social media but when we do have one my growing family and I work that shit out together.
Here is to 2018🎉, New last name💍, New addition👑, New Year🥂🍾 but same bearded man 👊🏾 @oh_diggy_

Well it's that time of year ☃️#endofyrxmasgift #Iamthatmom #rudolphcrossedeye🤔

Just waiting to do lab work #cute #allucancallmeisfat🤔

Finally got my hair braided by the talented @jalicia35 OMG!!!!! I cute😍😍😍 #howamigoingtosleep🤔 #Ocantgetnone🤣

Pool essentials 😉🖤💛💚

Our Thanksgiving!

Thanks for giving me this mango!!!🇯🇲 #happythanksgiving

Having lunch with this guy...wonder who he looks like🤔🤔?? #progressnotperfection 😍

When you have packing, sweeping, ironing,& twist hair to do and don't want your chile in front of the tv all day. Yup outside it is while mommy gets it done #flyingoutin2days🛫 #allmomsaresuper #manworking #thisbiggurlcandoitall👍🏾

I deserve it and thank you... you think because I used my likkle one's bowl it cut the calories? 🤔 #idontcare #accomplishedalottoday #pattilabellepie #bluebellicecream #yupimafatgirl

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