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I haven't done an "Adulting with Kay" lesson in a while and I never thought I'd have to do a serious one, yet here we are. In today's lesson, be like these people. Love your neighbor. Defend your neighbor. Read your history books. Learn from your history books. No one person is more entitled to live on this planet than you are. And when you see something so awful as what happened this weekend, speak up and speak loud. Let those people know that their ignorant and dated beliefs have no place here. Their violence has no place here. This is my America, too. And in it, there are so many incredible people of different color and different religion and I stand with them.

It's a good thing my first time camping was with these 3 girls. I brought a tent I can't put together, a sleeping bag, pillow and bug spray. No way to light a fire, no flashlights, and I hate bugs. But I have survived up until this point and it couldn't have been done without them. Hopefully I make it though the night.

What did you do on Thursday night? Oh, you know, put together a color-a-puzzle with friends. What did you do Friday night? Colored said puzzle. This is what friendship looks like. This is what my happy place looks like. #ThePuzzleGang

Introducing.... Stefanie and Her Awkwards. Album dropping 2017.

I had to absentee vote for my first 2 presidential elections. I got to vote early last week and I just felt so proud. We are able to voice our opinion. Please, go and vote. You won't regret it.

And some days, you can't help but be whisked away by the magic

No #accidentalselfie here - some days, you just gotta love yourself. Came out to enjoy one of the last nights of Disney World's Electrical Parade with some fun coworkers.

Went whale watching. Saw some freaking orcas in the wild. It was incredible. It was also incredible to spend the day on the water with this lady. #thebackofyourheadisridiculous

How did I celebrate the first day of fall, you ask? I went to the beach and made more friends! Look at the tiny baby octopus!!! I also saw 4 manatees, a dolphin, dozens of mollusks and a couple hermit crabs. So maybe Florida does have some perks 😉

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