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Our animals are pretty stinkin’ cute. Shoutout to some of my amazing fellow zookeepers - they can make magic happen no matter what @ncsunshine11 @jegan123 @dani_hopper @stefanie.begin

When your friend has some free time and gives you a personal tour of her job and her “coworkers.” Sometimes our job is difficult and frustrating but these sweet faces, especially up close like this, will always put a smile on my face.

I don’t get to hang out with all my girls all at once very often, but we make the most of it when we do. Yesterday we learned that playing darts and shuffleboard are not skills I possess, but we still had fun trying 😊 and I love that they’re the type to pull over on some random street on the drive home so we can walk on the beach. Cheers, ladies! Can’t wait for more adventures! @jenn_lebeau @dani_hopper @l.wicky

I am a terrible cast member. I almost never go to the parks and I have probably only been to them at night less than a handful of times in the past 3 years that I’ve worked here. But I was walking around Epcot tonight and despite how cold it was (and it is cold!), it was such a clear night and the park was beautiful all lit up. You’re pretty ok, Walt Disney World. I appreciate getting to play here as if it’s my own backyard. #Happy3EarsToMe

So I was gonna be stranded at the car repair shop for 9 and 1/2 hours today while they worked on my car. Then J-Bo texted me and said she had an extra ticket to Seaworld. We rode so many coasters (some of them twice!), and got to see some pretty cool animals. But I think the highlight was just quality bonding time. We often hang out as part of our friend group, so it was nice to just have an “us” date. Thanks for the fun day, @jenn_lebeau !!! Great way to send off 2017!!!

I haven't done an "Adulting with Kay" lesson in a while and I never thought I'd have to do a serious one, yet here we are. In today's lesson, be like these people. Love your neighbor. Defend your neighbor. Read your history books. Learn from your history books. No one person is more entitled to live on this planet than you are. And when you see something so awful as what happened this weekend, speak up and speak loud. Let those people know that their ignorant and dated beliefs have no place here. Their violence has no place here. This is my America, too. And in it, there are so many incredible people of different color and different religion and I stand with them.

It's a good thing my first time camping was with these 3 girls. I brought a tent I can't put together, a sleeping bag, pillow and bug spray. No way to light a fire, no flashlights, and I hate bugs. But I have survived up until this point and it couldn't have been done without them. Hopefully I make it though the night.

What did you do on Thursday night? Oh, you know, put together a color-a-puzzle with friends. What did you do Friday night? Colored said puzzle. This is what friendship looks like. This is what my happy place looks like. #ThePuzzleGang

Introducing.... Stefanie and Her Awkwards. Album dropping 2017.

I had to absentee vote for my first 2 presidential elections. I got to vote early last week and I just felt so proud. We are able to voice our opinion. Please, go and vote. You won't regret it.

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