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Kaylin Richardson  2-Time Olympic Skier, Mountain-lover. Adventure-seeker, Possibility-pusher, Connection-maker, Encouragement-leader. kaylin.inquiry@gmail.com

Sleeper spring pow days are so special. They’re good for the soul- even after the incredible season we’ve had, new snow hasn’t lost its magic ✨ I mean, c’mon!? Blue skies and soft turns!!! Found a few secret stashes (on my @volklskis #Secrets 😁) at @deervalleyresort this week days after the storm... hoping for a couple more days like this before the breeze turns warmer!! ❄️💨☀️ #FeelAlive #SimplyVolkl #RealItalianBoots #RuleTheMountain #SkiTheDifference #DeerValleyMoment #HappyPlace @hellyhansen @hellyhansenski @dalbellosports @markerproducts @soulpoles @skiutah @visitutah 📷: @eric_schramm_photography

As the spring skiing season begins this year, the sun warming my smile, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. My deepest and most sincere thanks to the phenomenal companies and, more importantly, the people behind them, that make my incredibly unconventional life possible. @hellyhansen propelled me forward in huge way, helping me realize my dream of exploring the mountains post-racing, reigniting my love for skiing over and over again whether in the backcountry or cruising a resort. @markerproducts @dalbellosports @volklskis, a.k.a. MDV, supported me through two Olympics and continues to encourage my evolution as a freeskier and leader. @deervalleyresort has given me a home, not only to share my passion for skiing with others, but also a sanctuary to deepen my connection with this sport daily. I certainly have hustled along the way to carve this path, but I could not have done it without all of your belief in me, and I am forever grateful. To the other companies that have played a part on my journey, however big or small- a heartfelt thanks to you as well. I look forward to this constant adventure and am more inspired than ever to learn, explore, and evolve in the mountains, on skis. 🙏❤️ #LivingTheDream #ThankYou #FeelAlive @hellyhansenski #SimplyVolkl #RuleTheMountain #RealItalianBoots #SkiTheDifference #DeerValleyMoment

Such a fun day ripping around @aspensnowmass!! After seeking out some tasty nuggets of pow as seen here (they’ve gotten 77” in March alone!!) I linked up with Aspen Mountain’s #SkiPatrol 💪. Witnessing their dedication, and yes , making some turns with them 🎉 was a privilege. Check out my IG story for a glimpse of our truly excellent day. Being a @hellyhansen Ambassador has a lot of perks 😁, but being able to visit the pros and resorts HH partners with is at the top of the list! It never fails to inspire and psych me up about the amazing ski and snowboard community! #ChooseLikeAPro @hellyhansenski #AspenSnowmass #FeelAlive #Skiing #Powder #PowderSkiing #FunTimes #Gondola #Ajax #IkonPass #SimplyVolkl #RuleTheMountain @volklskis @markerproducts @dalbellosports @soulpoles 📷: the wonderful and talented @tamarasusaphoto

Happy International Womens Day, Everyone!!! To celebrate this most righteous of days, @volklskis asked me and three other AMAZING women ➡️ @ingridbackstrom @meganmcjames and @angelcollinson ⬅️ to share our greatest accomplishment in the last year and what our biggest goal is moving forward. I’ll admit it took a little self reflection to land on mine, but I am so psyched to be more present and grateful than ever. I am in constant awe of the marvelous women that populate my life that push me to be more. Head over to @volklskis IG feed to have Megan, Angel, and Ingrid drop some serious inspiration on you! They definitely inspire me!! #InternationalWomensDay #Inspiration #LadyShredders #RuleTheMountain #SimplyVolkl #WeKnowSkiing #RealItalianBoots @volklskis @voelklskis @markerproducts @dalbellosports #FeelAlive @hellyhansen @hellyhansenski @gozgirls #CourageIsContagious

#TBT to last month in UT... Next week will likely set up for more of the same!🤞😁 What’s been your best day this season? ❤️❄️ #Powder #PowderSkiing #HappyPlace #WhiteRoom #Fun #Skiing #FeelAlive #SimplyVolkl #RuleTheMountain @hellyhansen @hellyhansenski @volklskis @markerproducts @dalbellosports @soulpoles @skiutah @visitutah #beUTAHful #YesPlease 📷: @aengerbretson

Let’s talk about skin, my friends: have you heard that what we seek out and enjoy most is actually pretty hard on our money-makers! Although my heart loves the snow, cold, wind, and sun, my face undeniably does not. This last year I was introduced by a dear friend to @skinresource.md, a complete line of skin care products created by board-certified dermatologists, and it has redefined my skin care routine. During the harsh winter months I’ve found that their Total Facial Cleansing Gel, followed by their Ultra Rich BioLipid Cream is the perfect evening ritual to gently cleanse, nourish, and rejuvenate my dry, sensitive, weather-ravaged mug. @skinresource.md has a host of other products I look forward to testing within the extremes of my passions and profession. For now though, I am so thankful that as the snow continues to fall, I can continue to grin ear to ear without fear of cracking!! For your viewing pleasure I’ve compiled a collection of selfies exhibiting the realities of a skier’s skin and what I’ve found helps- have you found your answer to the elements when it comes to skin care!? 😊🙌 (Bonus points if you can name the famous actor that is lurking on my shower curtain! 😜) #SkinCare #TakeCare #PrescribeItForYourself #MoneyMaker #JustHappyInfo #SmilesForMiles

A dream is a wish your heart makes... This winter has made me feel like a kid. In a moment of nostalgia, looking out at the wintry landscape, these lyrics from Cinderella came to me. The wonder of this season definitely is the thing of wishes and dreams of the heart. Well, my heart at least ❤️ #FeelAlive #RuleTheMountain #SimplyVolkl #ShineBright #Skiing @hellyhansen @hellyhansenski @volklskis @dalbellosports @markerproducts @arvaequipment @soulpoles @skiutah @visitutah 📷: @aengerbretson

"From Racetrack to Powderfields” ———> @edgeskifinland expertly summed up my ski career in four words (which is only two in Finnish 😁)! I am so honored to be featured and on the cover of EDGE, Finland’s leading Ski Sport Magazine! It was a fun exercise in reflection to answer their questions about my transition within and love of skiing. A special thanks to @larsbolin for making the connection and @jaydashphotography for getting up early and capturing this stunning cover image in the Lyngen Alps! 🙏🙏 Find a copy on Finnish Newstands now!!! 😉❤️🇫🇮 @hellyhansen @hellyhansenski #FeelAlive #Skiing #BackcountrySkiing #Edge #EdgeFinland #EarnYourTurns #SimplyVolkl #RuleTheMountain #RealItalianBoots #WeKnowSkiing @volklskis @voelklskis @dalbellosports @markerproducts @arvaequipment @supergoop

I have come to find that presence fosters peace. Amidst the chaos, tumult, and universal busyness of life, don’t forget to look out and breath✨————————————————————->
#Presence #Peace #ShineBright #MySanctuary #DeerValleyMoment #SkiTheDifference #SimplyVolkl #RuleTheMountain #FeelAlive

Looking forward to more of this soon... The impressive snowpack we’re continuing to be gifted in the Wasatch bodes well for a marvelous spring! Until then, bring on the pow, corduroy, crud, and everything in between!!! #FeelAlive #EarnYourTurns #SkiTouring #AlpineTouring #BackcountrySkiing #Skiing #Skinning #SimplyVolkl #RuleTheMountain #WasatchRange @hellyhansen @hellyhansenski @volklskis @markerproducts @dalbellosports @blackdiamond PC: @louisarevalo

Had so much fun testing the X3, X4, and X5 today at @sugarloafmountain! I’m so lucky that @volklskis partnered up with @bmw this weekend to share the best of German craftsmanship- on wheels and skis!! Driving today and hopefully skiing tomorrow... @bmwmountains #Driving #HighPerformance #BMW #RuleTheMountain #TractionControl #SoFun #FeelAlive

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