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Kit Leigh  Perth, AUS | Photographer @kayleighscott_photo | kayleighscottphoto@gmail.com | 🌱💌🐇 Creature @thecreaturesofcollective

I have a crack in my glass screen protector right over my camera and it's causing a 90° reflection of my shirt that I kinda love

I've been so unwell the last 8 days and my man came home to surprise me with the best news 😍accepted for our dreamy rental property 🎉😭☺️ I've got 4 big projects in the works which I'm so excited to release, and plenty more on the horizon for the rest of 2018 💃🏻 (ft. tiny Rick on Kieran's shoulder)

I can't wait till tomorrow, it's too far away, and the actual date isn't important to me, it's the time it's taken to get to this point. I just cannot believe it's been a year. Thank you for being the most wonderful human every single day. You met me at a point where I was pretty much damaged goods from my previous relationships with zero trust, and no self-worth, and you took all of that on board and supported me in the most incredible way. You are kind and patient and smart and giving, and you are constantly finding ways to love me, teach me, laugh with me and surprise me. Our communication skills are off the charts, which is a whole new ball game for me, and when we aren't on the same page, you're always ready to work out a compromise. I've found it so immensely difficult to trust people to be loyal, and constant, and you have been way too patient with me through that, showing me every single day that you have my back and that you'll be there for me when I need you. Being in a relationship with someone with a pain condition is no easy feat, and you've adapted and learnt every possible thing that you can do to make my time easier when I'm suffering the most.
Here's to being the most in love that I have ever been ♥️ in a relationship filled with happiness, comfort, and support. I'm so grateful to have you, I'm grateful that I get to love you, and to be loved by you.
Mum liked you from day one, the first of my partners that she has ever actually liked, so I guess that's when I realised that you were probably a good egg 😘

Tried to get photos of these babies, but mumma chased me away quicksmart 😂😅

I'm alive, just. Day 4 of this horrid sickness that has set up camp in my body. But today I showered and washed my hair and brushed my teeth so that is an achievement. Photo shoot this morning, and then straight back to the couch for cough medicine and naps 😴😴

An outfit I accidentally ended up in by the end of the day

Something about blue

A while ago I was like 'I'm gonna hardcore work on being a nicer person, because I don't really like where I'm at'. And it has been a TIME..but now I'm surrounded by wonderful people and incredible opportunities and I feel like a happier person every day, so, that's pretty hecking sweet 💃🏻💃🏻👌🏻🐝 still working on trying not to judge people who choose to wear crocs for fashion.

Gloves and scarves weather gloves and scarves weather GLOVES AND SCARVES WEATHER 💃🏻🎈


I literally am only able to get photos of Patches licking every face that is available for licking.