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Kaylee Jane McKeny  trying to eat the world, i think. that’s the end goal. uh... vitamins. creation curation and cultivation. also.. alliteration... 🅷 🅾️🅷🅾🅾️🅾️

me, today, because I am not touching my Real Photos until I get back to my new editing monitor

Laurent Craste

I felt extremely comfortable and self-assured in the solitude of this chanel bathroom. If I go back and hole up in there while screeching “squatters rights” but very quietly and gently (as to not bother other customers, obviously; I don’t want to encroach on their shopping experience) do you think I could take up hermitage there for a month or so??????? @security can we work something out where you run me some juices or something but don’t ever look me in the face. I Think I’m Just... Bad With People

#mood: obviously I am the cat, but who is the pavement? who is the grass? We all know a statue, though, so that’s not as much of a question

I really need to pack, but I’m going to wait til tomorrow, or perhaps forty-five minutes before my flight ? Aiming for somewhere in between the two. It should be Good™️

💖🕳🍷Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who I like/love/am legally compelled to be polite to/beings of indeterminate nature and origin who I may love (or fear) at various points in my future. Don’t forget to check the bulletin board in your town hall to determine which section of this list your name is under. It won’t be there, but there will be a single sheet of paper pointing you to the bathrooms. There isn’t a list there, either. just a small, sloppily written reminder that all feelings and experiences are transient— love won’t save you from death! Haha. Below that you’ll find my Uber discount code. Please use it. I like free rides and also I will receive psychic notice that you’ve used it, meaning I will then snail mail you a delicate/very sweet/very cute Valentine’s Day card at whatever address I harvest from your consciousness. It is very likely that this will not be your current address, or any address you have ever occupied. Good luck finding it! 💖🕳📡⏳#valentinesday #remindersofmortality

L’Ange Du Mal, Joseph Geefs, 1864.

While exploring the up and down functionality of my new evodesk, I did manage to avoid knocking over the reidel glass behind me. I did not, however, avoid tearing the thermostat off the wall. (I wish I would have gotten the treadmill add-on.) #soundon

I went to pick up my evodesk (using it for a new media/gaming/editing/VR setup— yay) and the environment was truly crying out out for some crows, and crow related sounds. I would have even settled for grackles, but no, no birds at all. It is my only complaint. They need more birds, preferably swooping, and/or birds of perching (menacingly or indifferently) for the “pods”. Pod decor. Pod accessories.

A metallic taste, the skin of a citrus fruit wrapped around a brick of gold. Angel skin—angel dust— alabaster. Hammer and chisel in corner. Chiaroscuro. Compressed sounds and hollow voices bouncing down a corridor to reach you, reclined and supine, on a chaise designed by Franco Albini, or perhaps by god himself. Sunlight filters faintly through a long-fingered crack in the wall— it is a window. Contemplative contentment. Track six. Track three. Track ten.

Me telling you all that I’m going to be in LA from February 14th to the 23rd so we can Collaborate/Chat Aimlessly But Luxuriantly/Make Hostile But Amusing Silent Eye Contact Through A Coffee Shop Window

🎾 Fun Fact: the little slogan in that ad I made was going to be “getting you out of the penalty box” because often, that’s what jewelry does for the people who gift it, but I was reminded that tennis does not have a penalty box in the version of reality that I currently exist in. I argued that since I wasn’t holding a tennis racquet, it could be interpreted as a more generally “Sports Themed” photograph, but was told that the sweatbands were Too Tennis-E for any of that. I find this to be unfortunate, but I do have hope for the future— or a future where the World Tennis Federation puts one in purely for my amusement. 🎾

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