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Kaylee Brooks  beauty for ashes // KC // nursing student


last day with the CUTEST 💔👶🏽s!!! the 4th floor feels like home now for more than one reason. by God’s grace, let’s hope next time i’m up here i’m back on the other side of the 4th floor. #6yearslaterandistillwannagoback #iloveheartbabiesbutcancerkiddoshavemy❤️ #thisisaGoddream #whenyouknowyouknow #kayleegoestonursingschool

i love being your sister & having a front row seat at watching you grow 🌱 #hunchbackofnotredame

a list of things to do more of: send more letters, do something for someone who is hurting, listen to other peoples’ stories, tell people your story, take a study break that doesn’t include social media, go somewhere you’ve never been and do something you’ve never done, encourage the dream of another, listen to people’s questions and doubts, talk with your friends about the things that matter, stop wishing you were somewhere else and love the people right in front of you.

“God may keep you indefinitely in the same place, but if you walk with Him you cannot remain the same person”

some days i swear i 100% live in stars hollow, anyone else? or is it just me?

back to the grind of nursing school. but still dreamin' about reliving this weekend ✨ definitely one that will keep me laughing for years to come with friends that make even the bad times good. what a beautiful thing it is to have friends who live their lives in such a way that proclaims the One in whom their hope is found.

50 YEARS!!! ✨that's how long my meme & papa have been married today. i love them so much and i am so thankful for how many memories of mine are filled with their big grins and compassionate hearts. 😌 from our sunday night tacos growing up 🌮 to how they have showed up at our school events and games and to playing mexican trains and charades with them (i think we wear them out sometimes! haha) ... somehow they still manage to love this crazy family of ours no matter what. i love how they love our family and who they are as people. my papa is the most hardworking person i know and my meme is the happiest and sweetest person to be around. what a joy and honor it is to call them meme and papa. thanks for showing me how to love people and work hard by the way you two live your lives and love each another. 💕💑

"should i pick those wildflowers today?" "yes. the answer is always yes." 🌼

1) you know it was a good day when your arms are sore from holding babies 👶🏼🙆🏽 2) i am VERY busy so if you ever want to talk to me the PRIME time is rush hour on the freaking hour-long drive to and from school (thank you LS and KC construction) so give me a call because chances are i probably reeeally wanna talk to you because my life is too dang chaotic that it's one of the only times i can!

3) learning a lot about the power of saying "me too" more because if anything nursing school has taught me is there's nothing worse than being alone in the struggle. people need people! and also that God is in the struggle too. he's still keeping his promise even when i feel like i failed. and sometimes he teaches you MORE in the struggle and is actually molding you through the process and is actually keeping you so weak and dependent so He can be your only source of strength (i could go on but i'll write a blog about that later probably when i'm not studying haha)

4) i am so stinkin' pumped for everything God is gonna do this semester! i'm taking peds and OB this semester (babes + kiddos = my HEART ❤️), going to class once a week with TWO full days of clinicals 😳💤 (add my nurse assistant job to that and you might as well call nursing school a full time job), trying to fill my brain with as much knowledge as possible, and trying to be better about asking questions and also helping others learn answers.
5) SO blown away by God's faithfulness.. this is the time in my life that 12-year-old Kaylee watching the nurses on the hem/onc floor with my brother would have been so jealous of. i feel like busting out singing "this is real, this is me, i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be now" (camp rock, anyone? 🤣 sorry i'm actually still 12) fight for those God-DREAMS people! whatever it is He's put on your heart, chances are the world needs more passionate people like you to do that thing. #kayleegoestonursingschool

i think we're all a lot like moses whether we know it or not. all of us asking God, "show us more of your glory." i remember when i was a kid i always just wanted to look right at the sun because i wanted to see it FULLY, but i knew if i tried looking at it for more than a second it would blind me (today i learned even just looking at a sliver of it is blinding!) but then i realized we don't need to see the sun fully to know that it's there. i know it's there because i can see everything around me. C.S. Lewis said, "i believe in Christ like i believe in the sun -- not because i can see it but because by it i can see everything else." i think the sun can teach us a lot about God's holiness. just like we cannot see the sun with our naked eye, we cannot know the fullness of His holiness ... because that's what makes Him God! however, because God is also my friend, He wants to show me more of his glory just like He did for moses. God loved moses so much that he hid him behind a rock just so he could see his backside. even though that wasn't the fullness of His glory, it was enough for moses. kind of crazy that God is still doing the same thing for us thousands of years later. today He hid the sun behind a huge rock that circles our planet so we can see even just a GLIMPSE of its radiance. "show us your glory, show us your glory, in wonder and surrender we fall down" #eclipse2017

just a warning that if you go anywhere with aaliyah kindt you may somehow find yourself stumbling upon a book sale, attempting to break into the little house on the prairie, or almost joining a historical society.

maybe i'm a little bit bias, but i think i have the cutest family ever. it's not often that we all get to be together for a week, but when we do we have the best time together, we laugh until it hurts, we chase fireflies, we spin and twirl (a lot) and we get very little of sleep from late night carbles games.

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