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Kayla  APAPC • appx 47 cheetos tall• sc: kayla.slavny

i’m now old enough to where my arthritis and knee problems make more sense #20 ..not being a teenager feels wrong

saw Steve Aoki and the price i paid was getting hit in the ribs and elbowed in the eye socket 4 times but yuh

turns out im terrible at the “posing by the water for instagram because i’m at the beach” thing

Mt. Fuji 🗻 we walked through clouds with the mist streaking off our eyelashes, hiked an inactive volcanic crater, and I got mild altitude sickness (pretend this has music because the last one i posted got blocked for copyright)

highest room in the tallest tower in Japan

as a self proclaimed boba professional, my official Japan Vs. America boba review is that the milk tea is better in Japan, but the tapioca is better in the US

u got games on u phone¿ ?
(this was literally the best day of my life, a tiny deer kissed my hand and my nose)

Hey mtv welcome to the crib of the 3 Great Buddahs, tell the white people to stop taking pictures of them bc it’s literally forbidden but americans dont know how to act in foreign countries

day 3-4? Visited a golden temple that my grandma used to have picnics at, got drunk (legally) and found a dog named Mofu, crossed a bridge that my mom fell off of once when she was a teenager, visited beautiful Zen gardens, the bamboo forest, and 5 other shrines and gardens that we weren’t allowed to take photos of

day 1 & 2, visited my moms old home, met family I didn’t even know existed, prayed at a lot of shrines, and walked more than 13 miles in 99% humidity

My whole body is sunburnt and sore, but it was worth it 🤟

first time i’ve voluntarily left my house in about 2 months

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