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Hump day pick-me-up! #giveaway
@nutrakey Tru Pre is my go-to preworkout! 🔹endurance🔹pump🔹caffeine🔹recovery all in ☝🏼! It has BCAAs built right in to deliver immediate recovery and help stimulate muscle protein synthesis. The hydro max gives me such a great pump and more blood/oxygen to the muscle = more nutrients and recovery! •••••••
One winner will be selected to win a full size on Sunday at 10pm EST. here's how to enter:
1️⃣like this post
2️⃣follow @nutrakey and @kaylavashti (me)
3️⃣tag 3 friends
4️⃣comment-your favorite thing about fall! (It's coming y'all! 🙌🏼) ••••••••
Good luck, babes! #nkambassador

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You are responsible for the energy you bring and the energy you keep around you.✌🏼
Some of the best decision I have ever made have been to fade negativity out of my life. If someone or something makes you feel bad, you owe them NOTHING. You owe yourself everything!!
My tips for keeping your energy 🔥
1️⃣see something negative on social media? Scroll past. Don't even entertain it or consume thoughts, waste energy on something negative
2️⃣make sure the 5 people you spend the most time with are what you want to be reflecting. They will be infectious so make sure it's good energy
3️⃣its fine to help someone who is struggling (listen, give advice when asked), but if they continue to drag you down, stop trying to rescue them from drowning. If you swam out to someone who was drowning, what is the first thing they do when you get to them? Pull you under so they can come up for a quick breath... don't let that happen!
Those are just a few strategies I use to protect my energy. It's sacred. If im not going to protect it, it will be sucked right out of me by energy vampires!!

It's hard for me to get 💥LIT💥 for the gym when I have such a crazy mom day leading up to it. The 🆕@nutrakey Tru Pre has been my sidekick! 👊🏼💪🏼
My morning is crazy... breakfast, clients, phone calls, get Quinn dressed, brush teeth, hair (legit an hour process) get myself ready (cue wrinkled AF shirt), pack snacks, run errands, more work, "mom I need..." a million times, playing, more work, lunch... etc etc •••••••
By the time it's 4pm and childcare is open at the gym, I'm kinda beat. It feels like round ✌🏼. Sooo that's hard to be focused and push myself. ••••••••
If I train in the morning I'm fine with coffee, some beta alanine and my grit. But in the afternoon I've been loving Tru pre for a few reasons:
1️⃣energy (350mg caffeine) and endurance matrix so I don't gas out
2️⃣pump blend and hydromax really hydrates the muscles I'm training
3️⃣bcaas for recovery •••••••
I actually track my progress and my total weight pushed is steadily increasing. In order to grow muscle like I want, I have to see progressive overload! So this is a huge win!
The serving size is actually two scoops but if you're new to using a preworkout I suggest taking just one scoop about 30 minutes before training. Every flavor is good but my favorite is sour gummy worm! 🐛
As always my code is kaylav for 30% off! And stay tuned for a giveaway of Tru Pre this month!

❌⚠️don't be fooled.... •••••••
Marketing is genius. Stamp the word veggie, healthy, gluten free, vegan, organic, low fat, low calorie, skinny, diet, zero, light, etc on it and it 💲ELL💲 💸💸💸
Are these okay to eat? Yes! You can have these (track your macros to stay in your allowance) and still hit your goals. Are these "healthy" because they have the word veggie on them? Not necessarily. •••••••
Everyone has a different definition of health. So you decide what that means to you! If it means you track macros and allow yourself some fun foods, great! If it means you prefer a minimally processed diet, great! •••••••
I just don't want you to be confused like I was. I thought that because I ate something with a specific label on it, that I would see the results I wanted. Nope. Don't let them steal your money! Thank God for flexible dieting... I learned how to eat for my goals and my health vs what was marketed strategically. •

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Smile, sunshine! You are beautiful. You have so much to offer this world. If you forget that, I'll be here to remind you! 💜💜💜
What are you up to on this magical day?
#smile #inspirationisinfectious #yourbestself #selflove #selfiesunday #confidenceissexy #happiness

"Kayla, help... I don't know what to do at the gym!!" 😫
I once worked out at home. I was once clueless beyond living room lunges and if I didn't have a DVD to follow, it was overwhelming. I went from having a volleyball coach in high school tell me what to do, to using beachbody programs. ••••••••
But then I got stuck. I wasn't changing. I didn't have the body I actually REALLY wanted. I looked okay in clothes, but I wasn't happy with "okay" because I didn't feel great naked or in a bikini. I didn't feel strong. I still felt fat even though I was wearing "small" sizes. •••••••
I finally just got frustrated enough... I was working soooo hard and not getting the body I wanted... so I joined a gym. I was still fucking clueless and felt so lost when I was there that I just did my DVD routines from memory. That's when I finally got a trainer. I didn't want to look stupid trying things by myself! •••••••
Wow! I learned so so much! I learned how to "train" vs workout. I learned proper form and how to push myself. I learned how to use the equipment and how to put a routine together. And the best part was that my body was changing!!! 😍
This is now my favorite thing to coach women on. The gym shouldn't be terrifying! If you know what the heck to do and how to do it, it's amazing how much you can shape your body! ••••••••
So I ask you, what is your biggest fear about lifting or the gym? I'm happy to make a list and share my tips! You deserve to feel strong and confident and finally have the bangin' body you want! What's holding you back right now?

#friedricefriday is a thing in my world! And it's not actually loaded with oil and "fried!"
My secret is my air fryer! I loooove taking my favorite foods and making them fit into my goals by using #iifym and tracking my macros. It's easier to have fried foods this way with an air fryer. I've made everything from banana bread to crispy fried chicken in it!
If you need some fool proof ideas (and the macro counts) I have an ebook loaded with recipes for you! Link in my bio! •

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‼️How many little bites and tastes of your kiddo's food do you have in a day?😱
Although a few goldfish seem harmless, those little bites add up! I'll be honest... those Lil devils are addicting! 🙅🏻A few here and there in one day could easily put you over on your calories and sneakily sabotage your goals!
Just as an example, I tracked a "typical" day of bites for a mom... 8 goldfish, a few bites of mac and cheese, a few licks of yogurt and one nugget. Those are staples that kids leave on their plates and we feel guilty throwing away. Swipe to see that! 1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ calories‼️
If you normally just eat the last few bites, this week try to be mindful. Instead of eating it to avoid "wasting" it, just pop the leftovers into small containers or baggies and then pair them up for a snack another day! •

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The difference between WORKING OUT vs TRAINING might be a game changer for you to get your badass body😱
"What's the difference?" you ask.
Working out is doing something to do an activity. You may have a planned workout with certain exercises that require movement. •••••••
Training is being STRATEGIC about what your goals are and creating a plan that is the MOST effective. Every aspect of the regimen is detailed for a reason.
Activity 🚫equal effective. •••••••
I used to just pop in a DVD that was targeted to upper vs lower body or lifting vs cardio and think it was enough. What I learned through my journey is that I need to be more strategic and therefore will reach my goals faster. •••••••
There are a million ways to get to your goal body. Let's use an analogy and think of your goal body as your vacation destination... do you want to choose the longest path with more construction, more traffic delays and tolls? OR would you like to use your GPS to navigate around all the delays and get there faster with less effort and less gas money wasted? •••••••
I bet you would agree you want to get to your vacation with the least amount of time in the car and least resources spent/wasted! ••••••••
Having that game plan and TRAINING far outweighs (pun intended) just working out when it comes to reaching your goals.
So I ask you, how much more ⏰💰🔋are you willing to waste before you get strategic? Are you ready to learn how to train? I teach all of this in my program Fit Mommacademy! Link in bio to apply!

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💁🏻Parent hack 101: sneak in protein and vitamins! •••••••
Kids will eat anything on a stick... it's a fact. So I hack a popsicle into a healthy treat!
I used 1/2 container Oikos triple zero yogurt because it's sweetened with stevia, has an acceptable amount of protein and added fiber. Splash of cashew milk and 1/2 serving of @nutrakey envie (berry flavor) for the motherload (literally) of vitamins and greens! Code kaylav saves you 30% on Nutrakey
Just mix and put in popsicle molds. Or let them enjoy it as a smoothie or yogurt style. ••••••••
Mom level expert! #kidtested #momapproved

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Best thing I ever did was paint my closet doors as a giant chalkboard. She draws while I work! #momhack If you need something to entertain your kiddos while you are cooking you can use washable markers on the side of the stove or fridge. Or even paint something with chalkboard paint. We actually have a side of a cabinet painted for my grocery list!

I've been focused on growing the 🍑 and eating for the gains. #happygirl And believe it or not, a squat is not the most effective exercise for your booty growth... get hip thrusts and glute bridges in your life ASAP! •

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