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Caitlin McLean 

Please if you're dog is barking send an email at the address listed

A close up. (Ya it's raggedy but who cares I'm LEARNING)

A Prince inspired look

I had a nightmare a couple nights ago where I was living in some sort of dystopian future and I had no rights and a white lady saw me and my hair and she wanted it for a wig so she took my hair just shaved it right off. #trumpsamerikkka

The brow was shitty so it had to go.

It's always so weird seeing how much I weigh because in my mind I'm a carefree waifish gamine

I'm tired so I'm making Milo do my job.

This Benedict is thiccc y'all

Having a lil beach day

Should I get this swimsuit? Yes or YAAAASSSSSSSSS

When you mess up your nails and you're like fuck it I'll put a top coat on and call it a look. Here's the new nail trend folks

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