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Hppy nw yr #novowels

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. I made this myself if u couldn't tell. Merry Christmas everyone.
#meme #christmasmeme #lmao

Any (boy) name suggestions???
And no this is not a stuffed animal. This is an actual living being.

Realllllly wishing I was sipping drinks poolside with you instead of studying rn

My favorite meme in all of meme history for now and forever. Thank you memers, but no meme will ever top this one. #meme #DoneWithMemes #ButNotReally #ButKinda

Hey lady! are y'Tony the tiger? No y'not. Last time I checked, you were a human who's not the spokestiger for Frosted Flakes. This jacket is not grrrreat. That tiger fuzz is not ok to wear even once. Ever. Just probably apologize to everyone who had to look at you wearing that. Imagine how many boxes of Frosted Flakes you could have bought instead. Keep that in mind next time y'pose as Tony.

Love my sweet D 💗

Ok ok y'all betta chill...BC ITS DOLLIE'S 21ST!!!!! So thankful for this Stevie-loving, beach-bumming, drank-having, booty-twerking girl I met on fb almost 3 years ago. Here's to endless laughs, drinks, and happiness! May your nights be long, and your hangovers be short. 🍾 #toasttothedouchebags #fellinloveinthebackofacopcar #abdullah #myntthursday #fakefarting #realfarting #GOHHHH #NOHHHH #frendsforev #tequilashots #singerisland #kennychesney #stevienicks #latenightsnapchats #letsgetdrunk

It's my 21st bday weekend so I took a picture in front of a door. Probably more excited to suck the helium out of the balloons than to drink alcohol