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k a y l a j e a n  • Colorado Springs | 6,035 • future mrs brown 💍 • world traveler 🌏 • happiness is key 🌻 • brittany spaniel mom 🐶

First day traveling in another country together. I can't wait to do this with you for the rest of our lives together. #belize #belizecity #engaged @jdbrownie88

Belize bound to see my fiancé ❤️🌎 @jdbrownie88 #worldtravel #belize

It's #nationaldogday and I have to show off our spoiled, happy brittanys. @jdbrownie88 #brittanyspaniel #pupsofinstagram

Happy Birthday, brother! Another year older with your second baby on the way! Love you! #birthday #sibling

I just get slight anxiety when we go places in the car. #bristole #brittanyspaniel #dogstagram @jdbrownie88

My mom is the best of the narrators, just so everyone knows. I didn't know who to pet more, the calf or the kitten. #brydfarm #alvaoklahoma

I can sleep in the middle of the bed without being scolded, take all the hot water with no remorse, finish the coffee without making another pot, give the girls as many treats as their little hearts desire and I don't have to share any bottle of wine. Yet, I'd much rather have you here with me, even if I lose to you in rock, paper, scissors all the time. I'm ready for my human to come back home. #fiance #engagement #brittanyspaniels #lonelyhouse #expatlife @jdbrownie88 #cheateroftherockpaperscissors

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