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No better way to start off the year doing something I love with the one I love. Forging ahead with new places, experiences, and goals to explore - both internally and externally. 2016 thank you for the blessings. 2017... Let's go.
Thanks for this rad pic sweetheart ❤️ @agesilasmik

It's one of the most painful things; to take responsibility of your own experiences and emotions by looking inward rather than succumb to the natural reaction of casting blame on your external world. Painful, but empowering. I'm still trying to swallow this massive pill.
In doing that, I've realized we have accumulated beliefs since the day we were born. Beliefs or emotional baggage that we subconsciously adopted into our mental programming even though it was never ours to begin with. Perhaps it was given to us by our families, friends, relationships, experiences, cultures, religions... It often clouds our vision of our abilities, our worth. Even our identity.
The silver lining of it all: Clouds always pass. Let what isn't yours pass. When it does, you are left with nothing but the authentic version of you - you in your natural state, in all its beauty, all it's magnificence, all it's love. That is your greatest gift to the world.
Sending love to those on the journey to self actualization. Your courage and strength inspire me ❤️ #lookinward #digdeep #findyourlight #vibratelove

💭💭💭 Learning to love passionately, serve others selflessly, and live life intentionally.

Wrapt up in blankets, no attention to the world. A hibernation.
Feeding my mind while this Washington storm swallows us whole. Stay safe out there my friends ❤️

I'm glad you found me when I found myself - that has allowed me to love me, and therefore love you better. #happynationalboyfriendday #selatrevo

Nowhere to go but everywhere.

Happy place 🤗✨🏔

Trying to master the art of hair flipping.

Kaylala & Kariri 👯 Love her foreva eva eva. Wanting to be on the water instead of stuck in the office on this 80° day. #soulsista #wcw #LalaAndRiri

#mountaincrushmonday Couple thousand feet up at #banderamountain