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KAYLA ITSINES  💍 @Tobi_Pearce 💧 @SWEAT TRAINER 📲 #BBG ➖ #BBGSTRONGER 💪 28 MINUTE WORKOUTS! ⭐️ Get my program here 👇

Did you know you should have different shoes for different types of training!? If you are someone who likes to run, weight lift and play competitive sport... one shoe does NOT fit all. Talk to your nearest podiatrist about the best shoe for YOU and what YOU are doing. What your friend thinks is amazing, may not work for your foot... remember that when choosing your next pair! www.kaylaitsines.com/app

Answering FAQ's! "Do you ever eat dessert?" - Yes I do but its not something I do all the time. I didn't grow up eating dessert so its not "normal" to me to have ice-cream and cake after dinner. I did however, grow up eating some treats after school, so if I ever tend to go for anything, it will be at the 3:00 time. This is usually at my grandparents house where I will have a greek biscuit or a cake. I much prefer a plate of watermelon over a piece of cake! My friend once told me she eats her dessert BEFORE her dinner because she is "going to eat it anyway' haha. My preferred dessert or after dinner snack would honestly be a plate a fresh tropical fruit and a herbal tea!
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@chiaandchocolates amazing progress using my #BBG program!! 40 weeks difference 😍😍 www.kaylaitsines.com/app

@livewellraisehell 8 weeks #bbgprogress using my program!! Check out my 28 minute workouts at www.kaylaitsines.com/app @sweat

Double tap if you agree!!!! 😂😂 I used to watch cartoons after I watched a scary movie because I couldn’t handle how scared I felt 😂👏 www.kaylaitsines.com/app

#bbgprogress 💛💛 @fitmother_ldn progress using my #bbg program www.kaylaitsines.com/app

If you could click your fingers and be any where in the world right now, where would you be?? (Comment below) www.kaylaitsines.com/app @alexpreview

The only reason I am looking forward to winter is all the amazing soups that I am going to make!! Tobi likes pumpkin soup and potato and leek so I tend to make those more! I also make a greek soup called AVGOLEMENO soup - which sounds terrible because its eggs, lemon, rice and chicken stock hahha but its AMAZING!
What are some of your favourite soups?
www.kaylaitsines.com/app @girl.on.the.range

Answering FAQ’s “Who do you look up to”. If you know me, you will already know this answer. My family are my idols. My parents and my grandparents are absolutely “goals” to me. They don’t have money, they don’t have power or fame... they are just hard working, kind, caring and selfless people. My papou is 80 years old and he STILL gets on the roof to clean the leaves, climbs the tree and picks the olives, cleans the bins out every week after the truck has come and on TOP of all that, maintains a WHOLE GARDEN of fresh fruit and vegetables. My Yiayia is 76 cooks every single meal, looks after the house, cleans, walks to the shops, cooks for me almost every day... she’s just the best. My parents are the exact same!! You have to remember I didn’t grow up in Hollywood. I never had hopes and dreams of “making it”. I grew up, and still live, in Adelaide - South Australia. My current lifestyle was completely unattainable and out of reach when I was growing up ...that I didn’t even think about it. I just wanted to be like my Mum and Yiayia. So if you want to know who the REAL mvp’s are in my life ... it’s my family!

I’m going to call this the “julie” workout haha because I was at the gym and for some reason remembered one of my first ever clients who walked into the gym and said to me “I’ve got a sore wrist, I don’t want to hold any weights, I don’t want to get up and down off the ground... at all!! ... AND I don’t want to jump” haha. Julie was a lot older than my regular clients .. and she was absolutely hilarious so I did what she said! SO! For the ladies who don’t want to get up and down off the floor ... and don’t want to jump hahaha here’s a workout that requires NO equipment!! Try 16 reps per exercise for 3 rounds! www.kaylaitsines.com/app

I feel people spend so much time talking about how much they hate their jobs, how they don’t want to go to work, how they can’t wait for the weekend ... is anyone like me and LOVES their job??? If you love your job comment below and tell me what you get to do everyday !

@gofitan amazing progress using my #BBG program 😍👏😘 www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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