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Kayla  🌿 Dental Hygienist • #Activist • #TNR • #CatRescuer • #Equality 🌏 #Vegan for the Animals and our Planet 📍 BOS - NYC

-Official Animal Rights March NYC
-September 1, 2018 . 12-4PM
-Flatiron Building, 23rd & Broadway

BE THERE!!! MARCH BESIDE ME #ForTheAnimals #OfficialAnimalRightsMarch2018

Someone who is “Instagram vegan famous” and has even been labeled “the vegan queen” recently released a YouTube video in which she explains why she is no longer vegan after 5 years... I really don’t care if she’s vegan or not, what I do care about is the fact that she is spreading misinformation about veganism to her 731k followers. She’s creating doubt in so many minds and that in turn hurts the animals. It’s a cop out because she wants to cheat.
This isn’t the first time that I’ve heard someone say “it’s too hard to be vegan” whilst rolling off various insane bullet points of why it’s so hard. NO ONE IS EXPECTING YOU TO BE A PERFECT VEGAN. In reality, no one can truly be 100% vegan or 100% cruelty free. I have two cats in my home and care for many outdoor feral cats, I buy them meat because they are true carnivores. When I walk on grass, I’m squashing hundreds of insects with every step, when I’m driving my car, without a doubt I’m splattering hundreds of insects on my windshield. The vegetables I eat? I’m positive the machinery used to gather them from fields sucks up many innocent small animals. Have I accidentally ate something that contained milk, eggs, or honey? Yup. Fuck, I asked for pasta in red sauce in Peru and had no idea they strained the meat out of the sauce until I got sick a few hours later. Does my boyfriend bring home products made by companies that test on animals? Yup. I don’t throw my hands up in the air and say “WE’RE NOT VEGAN ANYMORE!” We discuss our mistakes and we move forward.
My point is, we cannot truly live a life where our very existence doesn’t harm other creatures around us. What we can do as ethical vegans is to try our very best to reduce the amount of animal suffering in the world. Stop freaking out about the small things that you and I have no control over. It IS easy to be vegan. Just live your best vegan cruelty free life, that is what saves animal lives.

My girl, Baby Daisy. This sweet girl was born on the streets of Maspeth, Queens. She watched as all her siblings died from being hit by cars. I have a memory of her playing with her brother, ducking between bushes and pouncing on each other. The next morning I got a text that he was dead on the street. She was all alone and then she got pregnant. Daisy took things into her own hands and practically rescued herself. She never left our neighbors yard, met them exactly at the same time, morning and night for food. She allowed pets and then she allowed them to pick her up. I brought Daisy in for a spay and snap tested, hoping I could get her adopted. But Daisy had other plans first! The vet said she had kittens very recently... we searched and searched but couldn’t find where she hid them. We released her so she could care for them, hoping she’d bring them out of hiding soon. And she did. Fast forward to now, Daisy and her gray kitten Leo are heading to their forever home in New Hamsphire. Their new mama @jessica_ericksonn is so wonderful and an experienced cat mama! She’ll have two new siblings to play with as well. I am just so happy and can’t stop tearing up over this. 😭😭💗💗

I’ve been trying to write this all day. King Koopa did not make it... He had extensive injures and bite wounds of an unknown origin all over his body, he was missing an eye, and the vet found signs of lymphoma. I’m devastated. King Koopa was TOUGH. He fought hard to survive on the unforgiving streets of Queens, NY. I’m trying to find peace in knowing that he did not die suffering, he had a peaceful passing. Don’t ever forget his face. I know I won’t. He is the reason why I #TNR and why I am such a huge advocate for spaying and neutering. Thank you so much to everyone who donated and shared. The money raised for King Koopa will go towards the eight kittens I rescued from his neighborhood. They will never have to suffer the same fate. 🐱💕 #InMemoryOfKingKoopa

This. This is the face and body of a defeated street cat in Queens, New York. This face. This face is why I #TNR. This face is why I get so angry when people don’t spay and neuter their animals. When they abandon them. When they buy from breeders.
King Koopa has been injured for months. He’s evaded every trap I’ve set, until today. If you can donate to his care, it’s so appreciated. I’m an independent trapper/rescuer. I can’t do this on my own. My Venmo Kayla-Humphrey
#maspeth #queens #spayneuter #trapneuterreturn #rescue #catsofinstagram

Lunch at @civico1845 😻 Authentic #Italian made #vegan. So, so good. Thank you, @pietro_civico1845 💗

Amazing news. Thank you Donatella Versace!!! Killing animals for fashion is WRONG! Animals are NOT fabric!👏🏽 #FuckFur

I recently had to remove my lash extensions because I was having an allergic reaction to the adhesive! So bummed. Now I’m back to using mascara - what’s everyone’s favorite #vegan and #crueltyfree mascara? I need help!

Nothing better than sharing a #vegan snickers milkshake with your love😽💗 🥤 Did you know that it takes just 1 minute for a plastic straw to be manufactured and that it is used on average for just 10 minutes? Did you know that it takes over 100 years for a plastic straw to decompose?! Can you guess how many straws you’ve used in your lifetime? 😲🤦🏻‍♀️ I can’t! We use 500 million plastic straws a day in the U.S. alone!!! That’s why I’m trying my very best to say NO to plastic straws. @kerwin_vasquez recently bought me these exact reusable straws seen in the picture. You can find them cheap on Amazon! #plastic #straws #stopsucking

Find someone who makes adulting fun. @kerwin_vasquez and I have been adulting so hard lately. We rented a car whilst on vacation - who does that? Adults. 😂❤️

Plastic. Before boarding a boat in Tulum to snorkel with sea turtles, I spotted a plastic six pack ring floating in the ocean. How ironic. I watched everyone in our tour, even our tour guides walk right past it. We were getting ready to admire these beautiful sea turtles in the wild, while overlooking the plastic that kills them every single day. I of course grabbed it dramatically (lol) and pulled the rings apart, making sure everyone saw me. How can we be so selfish? So blind? By the year 2048, our oceans will be dead - that is, if we don’t start making some serious changes. There will soon be more plastic in our oceans than actual life. Our oceans are our LIFE LINE. We need to do better. We have to do better. Clean up after yourself. Ditch single use plastic. Recycle. Please help take care of our planet 🌊🐢🐧🐳♻️

Making friends wherever I go🤗💕 #Hi #LetMeLoveYou

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