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I’ve always loved the morning time. Sipping coffee, watching the sun come up, listening to the birds gently waking the world with their songs. But this past season, mornings haven’t been so easy & I’ve found it hard to enjoy them. It took a lot more effort to get out of bed, to want to wake up with the sun. The coffee helped yeah, but the joy of it all wasn’t there. Until recently. It’s slowly been getting easier to put my feet back on the ground, to rise with joy instead of heaviness. To celebrate in the morning & throughout my days.

This past season felt like a lot of pieces of me were lost, and I couldn’t quite figure out how to get them back. It has been messy & it’s taken a hell of a lot of work, but I slowly see the pieces returning, only they’re stronger than before. I’m realizing they were never gone, they were simply hidden. Being shaped & molded amidst the mess. Refined in the secret places. It took some fighting to uncover them but those pieces of me are coming back, and I’m beginning to feel a lot lighter again. To feel me again.

Know that if you’re in a heavy season, you’re not alone. And know it won’t last forever, I promise. Keep fighting for yourself, for your joy. Even when you don’t feel like it. And know there’s someone who is fighting for your heart. To heal you & make you whole, and He’ll bring you back to yourself & make it all more beautiful than before.

Sometimes you gotta romp around the city & take yourself to new places to see it all in a different light, and sometimes I think you just gotta do that with your own life too. Stand up, sit down, shift your gaze & open your eyes to all the beautiful things waiting right in front of you.

I cant wait to be sitting outside on blankets drinking iced coffee & soaking up the sun instead of being stuck inside. Chicago, I love you but I’m ready for some change.

Find your heart friends. The ones that will dream with you & love you & say the hard things. The ones that will push you higher & call you out & speak words of life that grow a garden inside your soul. The ones that maybe sometimes you want to run away from because being fully known is scary. But it’s worth it. Always is. Dreams come to life & flowers grow & good things & God things happen when you let people love you & when you love them in return.

Welcome home little Jones!

“Awake my soul to sing
With Your breath in me
I will worship
You taught my feet to dance upon disappointment
And I, I will worship”
Heroes // Amanda Cook

So very grateful for this trip. For friends that are forever family, for time in the mountains & for all the lovely souls I got to meet over the past few days. Even though I got real sick & had to change my flight & I’m stuck out here another day, I’m grateful for the sun came out to say hi today too.

There’s something about being stuck inside all winter & then venturing into the mountains that sets your soul on fire & gives you eyes to see the world in a brand new light again.

I’ve got the best people in my world.

There’s a first time for everything. Like being best friends in America, that’s a new one for us. I think I like it a lot.

Yesterday I walked past a stranger on the sidewalk who was so very kind. All he said in passing was, “Hi! How’s your day?” with a certain joy in his eyes, but for that brief second I was completely caught off guard. The simple act brightened my day. You see, most people in Chicago walk right past eachother, not even so much as glancing at one another. And that’s when it smacked me in the face. I’ve been walking around these streets, forgetting to see the very people right in front of me. Forgetting that even in the smallest, most mundane moments I can love others well. I’ve been roaming around waiting for an invitation to be kind in return, when really, I want to be the one who initiates love & kindness. Who says a simple hello. Who sees the person in front of me instead of the schedule I need to get though that day. Who loves the person right where they’re at, even if it’s a simple smile on the sidewalk. So thank you to the smiling stranger who reminded me that life is made up of moments that matter. We just need to make those moments count.

Take time to do something you love.

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