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Kayla Cervenka  Go be love to this broken world. kaylacervenka@gmail.com


Sometimes you just have to take a moment to stop and pick some pretty flowers and thank Jesus for where he has you.

This past month has consisted of a lot of self-care and learning how to grow. And goodness, it sure is all easier said than done.

Growth takes a whole lot of work. You have to tend to and water the seeds. You gotta work hard at pulling out all the weeds. Because you really can't just sit around and expect for the flowers to grow. You've got to take the time to care for them, and when you do the work the seeds will grow. And as time passes, you'll stand a little taller and you'll feel a little stronger, and all the work you put in will be worth it when you see how far you've come.

You guys! I got my @alabaster_co Bible in the mail and I'm in love. I have never seen anything like it. They've combined beautiful creativity with thoughtful imagery to help your mind be visually engaged with the text of the Gospels. I love that it brings out the beauty of the Bible and ultimately points back to our Creator. // They were so sweet and gave me a code for you guys to use to get 15% off! Just use the code "KAYLAC15" when you check out. Link is temporarily in my profile. Go check out what they're all about! #alabasterbible

I think it's probably one of the most overwhelmingly beautiful things in the world that every single person is going somewhere, and each one of those people is living a story worth knowing.

So let's love eachother well.

The first big moons I've ever made! And now they're hanging in some of my favorite people's home and I'm real happy. ** Also!! I'm now taking comission orders for moons in 5x7, 8x10, or 18x24!!**

You're the man.

It's still so crazy that this is home now.

Finally going through and editing photos I took back in Uganda in April and now my heart just misses them a whole lot more.

Sometimes you've just gotta take a step back and look at how far you've come.

It's a weird thing how change can make you feel all sorts of ways. Happy, sad, scared, excited. It's a whole bunch of not knowing and a whole lot of learning along the way.
So much takes place within a year and it's crazy to look back at where I was just a year ago. I was walking with a heavy heart tangled in grief and loss, wrestling through a whole lot of big life questions. And now here I am, a whole year later. Still a bit lost but learning along the way. The heaviness is still there sometimes, but what matters most is that I'm moving and that the grief that had me stuck has stretched my heart to feel an even deeper joy and a greater love. I'm moving and I'm growing and I'm going, although I might not know where quite yet. And if you're feeling heavy and stuck, know you're still moving too. And what you're walking through right now will stretch your heart if you let it. To feel more, to love more. So here's to life full of change and loss and love and growth. You're going places, I promise. //
📷: @taylortippett

These two, my parents. I'm so dang grateful for them! They are some of the most funny, loving, sacrificial, and thoughtful people. They love well and they'll make you laugh along the way. I love that they're not just family but they're some of my best friends too. 🌻

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