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Last day: it was so hard to say goodbye to these people. For the first time in nearly 2 years, I went out into the world and came home with friends. We slayed every club we went to, dominated every hike we were forced to go on, and laughed at each other about every 5 seconds. Thank you for making me smile.

Day 8: white water rafting got cancelled (which I was cool with; not really excited about putting another helmet on), so exploring San Jose, including lunch at a fruit stand (yuuuummmm), another beautiful church where apparently I only felt the need to photograph Jesus, a lovely park and lots of drinking (we forgot to set a limit for Mr. D!)

Day 7: SHOPPING!!! In the beautiful artisan town of Sarchí (where Mr. Dandelion bought loads or souvenirs), where we saw a gorgeous church (Mr. D praying his respects) and the world’s largest (and brightest) oxcart

Day 6: Jaco beach day (after hiking for 30 minutes to GET to the beach) where a monkey stole my sandwich right out of my hand (we were fighting those demons for our lives) and a lizard ate someone’s scraps (ps that’s Viel, she’s a model), we saw a beautiful mural by the grocery store and got trapped at dinner by a tropical storm (that giant margarita totally had to be diluted by pineapple juice). Not a lot of selfies from day 4 on b/c the zip lining company doesn’t disinfect their helmets and my entire face broke out in hives but I’m still trying to have a good time

Day 5: a hike through Santa Elena Cloud Reserve (“I had no idea there was this much green in the whole galaxy”) where Mr. Dandelion saw a coati, crossed a bridge shading a party of crocs (man I wanted to jump in), and rode a crocodile cruise where we didn’t really see crocs but we did play local bird bingo (I lost)

Day 4: zip lining (not pictured because I was not about to drop my phone), hanging bridges (with a rope swing!!!), planting a baby mimosa tree to help expand and connect protected habitats (we named our tree Litty Titty), visiting a local school where we watched the cutest dance performance in history, and Bocas night at the only club in Monte Verde (yes, I’m the Smirnoff)

Day 3: chocolate tour with a guide named “el chapo guapo” (no joke), 500 steps down a MOUNTAIN to see La Fortuna waterfall (actually thought I was going to die), and a long long bus ride to Monte Verde where I had no WiFi for 2 days (ps that’s our bus driver pointing at a volcanoooo)

Toured and tasted at an organic pineapple farm (yes I ate the whole thing, yes my tongue and lips are still stinging), kayaked across Lake Arenal (way too big for my first kayak lesson), toured and tasted at an organic farm (all the crops, with the most hilarious 19 y/o guide), swam for 2 hours in various temperature hot springs (at a 5 star resort wowowow), and tasted some local Costa Rican fajitas (and pasta bc I miss home)

Local milk & strawberry farm where we tasted amazing cheeses and strawberries (you have to eat them a certain way), milked cows (Princesa was very sweet), fed chickens (who are too photogenic), had an organic milkshake (NOT made by the milk I produced from Princesa) and walked through a cloud forest! We also passed a beautiful waterfall and saw a large group of female/baby Coatis on the side of the road and they let us take their pictures!! That was only 1/3 of the adventures I had today with my NEW FRIENDS that I made all by myself!!! 8 more days to go in lovely Costa Rica 🇨🇷

I could probably be a lot more popular on social media if I wore makeup every day and took pictures with nice backgrounds but you know what that takes time and effort, and I lack motivation. I also enjoy the lack of shallowly thirsty DMs, though one every once in a while can be a confidence boost. P.S. I’ve been told my Snapchat stories are “mildly entertaining if not hilarious on the daily” so feel free to add me and decide for yourself (same as my IG username), I do enjoy making people laugh a little on their lunch break. Also if u like dog pics ur in luck I have 6.5 dogs and 3 cats to snap away daily! I had an actual meaningful point to this post but it turned into self propaganda and I lost it 🤷🏼‍♀️

Do u ever break ur back for Snapchat? Because I’m pretty sure I gave myself scoliosis taking this. #worthit 📸 ft. Luna and the Tasmanian Devil


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