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Kayla Cochran  Kay 🎌 TXST 🐾 PIDA🎗Monty 🐭

No toes or dogs harmed in the making of this Luna Love album 💝

When you lose a limb I expect it to be mailed to ME #WorldsHandsomestEOD

Cringing on the inside❕

I’ve let go, she says, with a clenched fist 🖤
Yes, I do have selfie sessions in my car. If u think they’re ugly, leave like everyone else 👋🏼

Mr. Owl 🦉 how many mirror selfies can one girl take? The world may never know 🌎
PS @ my ex I see u out there having a good life without me and man, I disapprove 🙁

Taken before fall sickness kicked our butts this week 😩 isn’t she adorable tho??? Don’t answer I know she is
P.S. I had to stay home from school, that noise you hear in the distance is my GPA crying

@ kate, no need to send us 💍 invites next time, bc we’ve already planned to crash it 🤷🏼‍♀️
Frfr these moments of seeing you both make my heart very full, even if they mostly consist of 5 minutes of clapping, “ugh this is the worst part,” “I should change that,” clapping again, and then “okay bye see you next time maybe!”
It’s worth every second of those 5 minutes 💜

I’ve got a brain!! 🎃 if I had to win second, it was only right to lose to an authentic Pink Lady 🎀 #HalloweenSocial #TXSTPhiEtaSigma

Didn’t pick me up a single dude. 10/10 worst wingman.

Standards too wide for any boy’s pride
Standards so tall they fear the fall
Standards so deep it makes them weep
Hiding my flaws by flashing my claws
••a poem, by me when I was drugged at 3 AM and making excuses for why I can’t find a new guy••

You took a photo of me that I don’t hate and now I must post it everywhere 💛💛🍔🍟🍦

🎺🎺🎺 THOUGHT I COULDN’T TOP IT BUT YOU WERE WRONG !!!! I present to the world ... MONTY JUNIOR 🎊🎊🎊

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